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Thrillers, unlike other common genera have a potent effect to be able to influence our brain. It works in a way that watching these films can slowly planting a single logical in our minds that enhances our ability to think smarter. From a scientific standpoint, films like detective, murder or adventure can really improve the public’s attention and observation skills. This is because they are able to stimulate the vibration in the nervous system of the huge amounts of human injection electrifying sequences.
It is from the mouth of most viewers that thriller genre films can be disconcerting, campaigns for fear of provoking and hair. Some said that even in a humorous way watching thrillers can fully exercise the brain cells. In fact, not a theory is proposed by Newton physical price, explaining that the screen every man of action exert equal and opposite response. This concept applies perfectly in displaying thrillers. Perhaps this indication goes with the saying that thrillers can be amused and stressed at the same time. The adrenaline rush, tingling in the spine produces vibrations on your nerves.
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Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman – The Winter Guest

British actor Alan Rickman died on January 14, 2016 at age 69. too soon many began his career in 1978, Rickman has appeared in over 60 films on television and film. Well known and loved as a character actor, played a variety of roles, parts of the romantic era in dramas and comedies Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series. However, it was probably best known to moviegoers as an antagonist of the complex, often unpleasant, perhaps the most famous as the German terrorist Hans Gruber, leader of his gang of thieves in a lucrative heist thriller 1988 Die Hard.
Rickman was less known as a director who in 1997 made his directorial debut with The Winter Guest, a disturbing tale set in winter in Scotland.
Headlining actors in this film are beautiful Emma Thompson and her real-life mother, Phyllida Law, who in the film plays Elspeth, the mother of the character of Frances Thompson. The story plays during a dark winter day in a coastal city in Scotland, with the first cold of the season and the Scottish landscape that plays an integral part of the film. Watching, you are always aware of the ubiquitous gray sky and frozen and palpable severity of this coastal village winter sea.
Frances, a photographer who recently widowed, longs to escape his memories of sad lives and move to Australia with her teenage son, Alex. Frances old mother, Elspeth, is against the movement, and its arrival on the scene brings to boil apparent for some time latent tension between the two. Their complex relationship is highlighted throughout, but his story is also woven against the stories of three other pairs of villagers, the film goes back and forth between the broken byplay mother and daughter and tragedies of others .
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action movies

Action movies – excitement and adventure unlimited

Movies are one of the most exciting and great entertainment sources. Cinema is a great way to experience larger than life size and unimaginable moments that rarely feels in real life. Whenever one is so boring movies are the best companion. It is the best method for fun and entertainment with pure delight. Young and old, everyone is attracted to movies. The films come in various genres that cater to different tastes of the public. They find smoothing and heart touching stories of romance, science fiction interesting films, supernatural fantasy and wonderful movies with social relevance. Everyone watches movies that match their interests and preferences. While teens love romantic movies they admire like action movies and high energetic full of suspense. Action movies are full of adventure and extravagance. The best part of these films is that they have some wonderful and spectacular moments that give a frightening experience for users. There are different characters like Spiderman, Men in Black, etc., that have entertained audiences with high adrenaline action.
Young people especially admire the exciting movie with amazing stunts and thrilling actions. If you are bored of seeing the same route in the mill stories that are overloaded with melodrama and the voluptuous characters that seem to be tired and bored, then try looking full breathtaking action films and suspense. Read more »

The Last Samurai

Movies you should not miss

1. King Kong
Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack directed the film King Kong in 1933. The plot is about a group of hunters who discover a giant monkey on an island inhabited by tribes. Captan monkey and bring him to America and they put the animal for an exhibition.
But nothing could match the power of King Kong as he escapes and destroys the city. The aftermath of the film, but the first film remains one of the most popular movies today.
2. devil in human form – The Omen
To date, the film “The Omen” is the most successful series. According to the first part, Satan was born as a child on earth as a son of God, Jesus. The first of the series was screenwriter David Seltzer writing the story, while the series was written by several authors.
3. Gone with the Wind
Victor Fleming directed the novel “Gone with the Wind ‘(author – Margaret Mitchell) for a film The film was released in 1939, its duration is 210 minutes, but the film had many beautiful scenes and were ten Oscar in her kitty..
4. Seven Samurai
Directed by the “godfather” of cinema, Akira Kurosawa, which was released in 1959, and the period was the 16th century the story of seven people (including samurai) who meet to defend a village from bandits is counted. The highest peak is impressive and the film is considered a cult classic.
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Bullet in the Head Movie Review

The difference between suspense and fear Movies

The type of thrillers is often confused with the genre known as terror. Why? It can be difficult to differentiate between the two, the nature of how Hollywood and the film industry prefer to split the two or blur the lines between them. These are some of the main differences between thrillers and horror movies.
The aim of suspense to the goal of horror
Each film is written with a purpose, how you want to affect the public. Thrillers are designed to thrill, to keep spectators on the edge of your seat – loosely. Although they may have terrorist elements, which are generally more suspense. horror films aim to horrify viewers; the main objective is to jump from his seat. A thriller leaves room for discussion and can generate some real fear, so the horror just left without much reason to be afraid, that events are extremely unlikely.
Without a point before
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bruce willis

Suspense best films and creative vision

American cinema has really changed in the last 10 years, more and more studios and filmmakers use more elaborate techniques and stylized digital effects in his films. The best thrillers, on the other hand, even now you need some things to the old so you can succeed, including excellent writing, acting, directing and editing.
Beautiful writing seems to be something we take for granted when we go to the cinema to see suspense, but it is also the most difficult to obtain correct factor and one of the rarest things in Hollywood films. Like most Hollywood studio films are written by the committee of these films generally they seem exaggerated, formulas and simply ridiculous. The best written films are usually written by someone with a unique vision that has not been altered by fortunately also a number of cuts along the way. Under the current system of Hollywood, a writer is unlikely to fulfill his vision. Instead he or she is subject to meetings with studio executives scripting untalented and arrogant conduct systematic killing all dream of the writer becomes the creation of a work of art.
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Cee Lo Green Angers

Two forms of music can persuade

I doubt Cee Lo Green and John Lennon never met because Ceelo was 6 years old when the legendary Beatle died on December 8, 1980. The two traveled in very different worlds, not only personally but musically. However, taken together, provide an interesting commentary on the times we live in 1971, Lennon released the best-selling solo career single, “Imagine”, in which he asked the audience to imagine a world. “Nothing to kill or die for / And no religion too.” Year 2012 Ceelo sang the same song, but changed the last line “and all true religions.”

Hostility against the Church is not surprising. Jesus warned his disciples about this either before or Lennon or Ceelo arrived on the scene. What is surprising is the nonchalance with regard to God’s people must listen to artists who push these messages. Lennon fans were up in arms in response to some ceelo changes. But while these secular artists glorify a world without God and our Savior, both Christian men and women joyfully sing?

The fact is that, as human beings, we have to be very careful what we expose ourselves to. We love it when our music is fun, words of hope, and that makes us feel good. And secular music does a very good job overall. The problem is that when this happens, activate exactly the same mental pathways that marketers use to sell their products. Read more »

Claude Michel Schonber

Enter Broadway musicals

Les Miserables is considered the best known of all French musicals. The musical, written by French composer Claude-Michel Schonberg and librettist Alain Boublil originally for the public to Paris began in September 1979. In fact, it is based on Victor Hugo’s novel “Les Miserables” which relates stories the main ex-convict Jean Valjean, police inspector Javet, French student Marius, Valjean’s daughter Cosette and her single mother Fantine and Eponine Thenardier maiden characters. Between songs and Tony Award-winning musicals they are “On My Own” and “I Dreamed A Dream”.
The musical Les Miserables returned to Broadway last November for a limited six-month program. This marked its 20th anniversary in 2006 and is the third longest musical in Broadway history with 8,372 performances. It has also been seen by over 53 million people in 38 countries and 21 languages. Cameron Mackintosh produced musical opened on Broadway on March 7 of 1987 Tony winning prestigious awards this season as the best musical.
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Stephan Jenkins and Charlize Theron

Top 13 songs Third Eye Blind

Now compiling this list I brought a lot of contemplation. Like the thought goes into each song Third Eye Blind, the same process has befallen me trying to rank the top 13. What exactly constitutes a good song? A large part, by the looks of things. I put these songs in which I believe to contain the best of the following: hooks, lyrics and musical composition. Now I’ve finally finished this list, I realized how Stephan Jenkins must feel when he completed an album! beloved reading!
13) Another Life
Despite the breakdown of the vein may focus primarily on the relationship between Stephan Jenkins with actress Charlize Theron, this piece, hidden at the end of the album, shows him in a different light – his life after the break. Hereafter is a masterpiece of composition, with Tony rip your guitar Kevin Cadogan level would be proud. It really does make a fitting close to the band’s 3rd album and even a hidden track, he received acclaim as the best song in the folder.
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Hollywood Harem: A literature review of the film

Hollywood Harem Tania Kamal-Eldin: A documentary was produced by Women Make Movies (Firm) in 1999. Tania Kamal-Elin is a director and professor at the independent University. She has an MFA from UCSD, an MA in Economics from the London School of Economics. He has also taught at UCSD and Palomar College. The achievements of Kamal-Elin include publishing several novels of fiction and co-author of a storybook. His current work is an assistant professor at the American University School of Communication Cinema and Audiovisual Arts in Washington DC in Hollywood Harem: A Documentary, Kamal-Elin reveals to viewers the harem dancers representing Hollywood inadvertently or deliberately reinforced the stereotype of women in the Middle East, while continuing to improve the social situation of Anglo-European and American women.
The stereotype of women in the Middle East has been widespread since Europeans first visited the Middle East and brought very tall tales of lust sensualized places where men and thirst of the skin is compromised. Despite its falsity, the representation of women with little sexy clothing scattered in a room in various positions lazily do nothing but enjoy the music and give themselves have been going to the representation of women in the Middle East Hollywood. In fact, most women in the Middle East is not involved in such activities morally ambiguous, but embraced the stereotype that Western countries placed in their culture; eg in Harem / House / SET Micklewright:
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