Edward Cullen

Why Edward Cullen is so attractive

I’m in love with Edward Cullen. Deeply, madly in love. When I say that to people, they think I mean Robert Pattison, but I do not think so. I mean, Robert Pattison is a handsome boy, but he’s only human. Edward, however, is a vampire: powerful, restrained and immortal. And yes, I know it’s a fiction, but I’m still in love. Here is why.

He is the last bad boy.

I admit openly, I always had something for the bad guys. I only like the guys I can not move and who know their own minds. I think Edward is the archetype of that.

Edward Cullen has moderation. Read more »

Sexiest Celebrity

Scarlett Johansson – No buns in the ovens

Scarlett Johansson, who has been called “Sexier Sexy Woman” and “Sexiest Celebrity” in recent years, does not intend to be overthrown. Actress Lost in Translation took actor Ryan Reynolds to a clandestine ceremony last September. Despite the seeming hastiness of her decision to tie the knot, Johansson says she is too young to start making babies with him, instead choosing to continue her focus on her acting career.

“I’m 24 years old!” She said. “I have a lot of time for that, I like to work and have fun now.” But she is sure that she will become a mother in due time. There is no time in the immediate future, but certainly somewhere in line with Ryan. In a recent interview with the American television show Entertainment Tonight, he adds: “Someday in the distant future, I’m sure I’ll want to enjoy this part of my life, but I’m not ready for it yet.” Read more »

film critic

The writer – New film critic

The Writer (Roman Polanski, 2010) – What about the “suspense” dialog settings lately? When did these great directors like Scorsese and Polanski decide to shape their films after a Kevin Smith party? Usually when writing “reveal” in a scenario, it is a camera address, it is not a general principle of dialogue. Lately I’ve seen a lot of this trend. First, it took Shutter Island to a stop, then the trend appeared in the flame and Citron out of Denmark (see my review), and is now infected with Roman Polanski in his famous “thriller” The Ghost Writer. In all these films, the main elements of the plot will spread their dramatic and effective formation, fall into the mouths of the characters with a specificity demanding that I can imagine (and witness) to leave the theater scratched his head, saying ” What?” The great amount of information provided to us with a spoon makes us wonder if we are slipping something we do not expect, and when “the great revelation” takes a full hour to implement it feels like never held, and we wonder if we have it lost. Unfortunately, we did not. No one can wake up. It’s a cliché to write a good thriller “keeps guessing.” These films “still know”, so do the anti-suspense? Perhaps this time I will clean my pallet and satisfy my desire longing, with the projection of the tenant. Read more »

music jazz

Jazz dance form

Few know today the true origin of jazz music, and even fewer people understand the origin of jazz as a form of dance. There are many influences that have helped to shape the form of jazz. Since there are many, it is difficult to designate one of them as the true origin.

Jazz has many theoretical birthplaces, but it’s a real home is New Orleans. New Orleans has become the “melting pot” of America before the term was invented yet. It was common that there are influences in the culture of French, Spanish, German, English, former slaves and free black men and women. Was this helpful?

Jazz dance, of course, would be as unique and different as music that was meant to be expression. The jazz was much more “cheeky” than they danced in the past and had been in the time, of course it seemed a little impudent or rude. Of course, the traditional, rich and polished society was not interested in this subject. However there are still many places in which the shape of the dance was easily embraced. For the most part, at least in the beginning, it is only in underground cultures that you can find. He then made his way into popular culture later. Read more »

gwyneth paltrow iron man

Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlett Johansson or Natalie Portman and Jaimie Alexander?

After the incredible number of views I received yesterday from my Scarlett Johansson as a black widow, I decided to see what Iron Man 1/2 and the movie Thor have the best success with female characters. If this were based exclusively on comics, the decision would easily be for the black widow of Iron Man, but the films tell a different story.

The Iron Man films gave us two great female characters. Gwyneth Paltrow plays Pepper Pots, Tony Stark’s colleague and his love interest, while Scarlett Johansson plays SHIELD, a super-spy Black Widow. I first loved Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper in Iron Man. She played the energetic, fun and mostly fresh role. Paltrow managed to overcome the cliché of the film of superheroes to be a girl in difficulties and leave strong, safe and attractive. More importantly, she had a fantastic chemistry with co-star Robert Downey Jr. Constant emotion would not be with her relationship that kept the audience engaged while offering good comedy moments. Pepper’s performance fell a bit short on Iron Man 2 because part of the screen chemistry with Downey Jr was lost, while his role as C.E.O of Stark Industries was never really convincing. Read more »

Scarlett Johansson

Was Scarlett Johansson the right choice to play the black widow?

Iron Man 2 had fundamental flaws. It was full of different stories of intrigue and drifts from references to the upcoming Avengers movie in 2012. One of the biggest flaws was that aside from the main character Tony Stark, the rest of the cast fell a bit flat. The worst case was the character of Scarlett Johansson, the black widow.

In the comic, the black widow (Natalia Romanova) is a former Soviet spy who was sent to spy on Tony Starks, but after meeting Hawkeye (played by Jeremy Renner in the Avengers), it hurts in the United States and becomes a agent of SHIELD. His skills include unparalleled athleticism, expert combat skills and mastery of various gadgets.

In addition to a brief scene in Iron Man 2, where the widow attacks some of the Hammer Industries guards, the character was a real disappointment. Although the character has one of the best stories in Marvel comics, Scarlett’s performance made me wish that the other actor Emily Blunt took the role instead. Of course, Johansson sees the role of Natalia Romanova, but his actor became flat and too similar to his performances in his other films. I call it Jenifer Aniston syndrome. The widow is also well known for having a Russian accent, but the guys behind Iron Man 2 seem to think it would be a good idea to let it out, even if it’s an essential part of the character. Despite speculation from fans, I doubt we will actually see Johansson throw a Russian accent on the movie Avengers. We will only have to go through the massacre of the character. In addition, the widow is famous for being a spy, but her friends in Iron Man 2 seemed to have joined the company of Tony Stark to profile him for Nick Fury. It’s not corporate espionage, is it? Read more »

Robin Hood

The new version of Robin Hood arrives on DVD

Robin Hood is one of the new DVD movies. The adventure story Robin Hood has been told and told in several Hollywood movies in the last 80 years. There were more than 30 Hollywood changes its story, including comic. The most recent big budget taking, horrible superproduction, Kevin Reynolds Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves (Kevin Costner, Miscasté) was released 19 years ago. In the summer of 2010, Russell Crowe and director of the film Gladiator, Ridley Scott, presented a 2010 version of Robin Hood. Are not we entertained? Any resemblance to the Gladiator Oscar winner is definitely not a coincidence. Scott and Crowe, who also collaborated on American Gangster, Network of lies and a good year, are determined to define their history of origin in the context of history. It is no easy task, considering the Robin Hood stories are mostly fictions as facts. Read more »

Rocket Science

Review of the movie – “Rocket Science”

An emotional and sincere drama, “Rocket Science,” shows that life is more than an exact science. This nervous film, with its spiritual writing and its reflective theme celebrates the determination of a high school student who tries to overcome his impediment in speaking to.

The new Reece Thompson portrays Hal Hefner, a 15-year-old with a minor but socially alienating disability, stutters uncontrollably. Ordering a meal in the school cafeteria is a test because he knows what he wants, but he can not say the word. He lives in a dysfunctional family, his father moves after a warm speech and his older brother terrified calling him a variety of girls’ names. When the school debate champion, Ginny Ryerson (Anna Kendrick) decides to write to the Hal discussion team, we feel her life while the minors dog might change. But can you overcome this huge obstacle? Read more »

best movies

Win big with the best new movies

To enjoy the experience of the best movies, the Internet, literally brings the cinema at home. One comes with teasers and similar trailers to a sampling plate offered by restaurants and supermarkets to their customers. Instead of spending an entire movie, they use the juicy bits in a little tempting to attract the viewer.

Watching movies takes a new spin on financial expenses, because you do not have to settle for the terrible price for ticket sales. Online movie providers easily present their offers at attractive prices, some even launching free movies to attract crowds. While one does not intend to download movies in local storage, watching movies is a very reasonable hobby. If watching online is not the advantage, the best new movies are available in the DVD version. For a good price, including shipping, the media come handy for repeated reviews between family and friends. Unless you prefer to watch the movie in a large large screen movie format, many an inhabitant of the house is happy to watch on your wide screen TV or computer monitor. Read more »

movie technology

The new movie technology

Three D (3D), with its crystals fun, is nothing new. Surround sound has also existed for a long time. For those of you as old as me, remember cinemascope curved screens? All these advances have been made to improve our sense of being there watching a movie in a theater or a cinema. But they lacked anything … something, I’m happy to say, that now has come a theater near you. Digital cinema, in my opinion, is the only major development in the industry for decades. The reasons are obvious.

· You can now view equivalent HDTV pictures on a home-sized screen.

· It is not necessary to look at a printing film that takes place the third generation, which is completed with scratches, holes, burns and grains. Read more »