Benhur movie

The world of Ben Hur – The Movie

Do not be surprised to see how I am opposed to the experts. But again, my polar reaction for most of the new film, Le Monde Ben-Hur.

Remember Charlton Heston in the movie Ben Hur in 1959? The chariot race, the remarkable saga of a story? A new version may perhaps not be closer to the original, right? And twenty-first century directors, writers and actors simply can not get even close to the Oscar winner massive assistance for nearly sixty years. At least these are the strong judgments published in Variety and the Los Angeles Times, and a number of others, those who “know”. I smiled write this statement: “those who know” because the business of being a critic these days seems to reign disapproval is as competitive as my craft of writing.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2

When Marvel Comics published the first issue of “Fantastic Four” in 1961, a change comic tale was announced. Not every story has existed in a vacuum, but as in real life, the events of a story would have consequences in another with subplots conducted during the month of multiple problems. This tone telenovela was not only perfect, but it was part of “The Amazing Spider-Man” in the sixties and through the seventies (which included 1970 introduced the title of partner, “Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider – Man”). It was a comic full of teenage angst, mystery, romance and tragedy (and, oh yes, superheroes and villains in costume). In this sense, Marc Webb The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is really a cartoon come to life. How to tell stories to voices of the characters and visual effects, the film is a tribute to this era of Spider-Man comics, as he tries to work on the aesthetics of modern stories.

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X-Men: Days of Future Past” Cinematic future guarantees X-Men

Of course, X-Men Franchise 20th Century Fox “(including benefits) sagged a bit in the output quality from the leadership roles after Bryan Singer X-Men 2. Some have been good enough (Wolverine) and other 2,003 … not so much (X-Men: the last Stand). so much so that a reset “soft” in the form of X-Men Matthew Vaughn. First Class (2011) was necessary Bryan Singer himself has given some blows, both professional (returns Valkyrie, Superman) and (these days) personally However, X-Men:. days of Future Past marks the beginning of a return to form for both the director and the franchise.

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Films – The art of visual storytelling

When the movie Jungle Book published a few months ago, The Guardian wrote in his review that “digital animation previous meeting narrative hyper-real.

Many wondered how was again an old classic Walt Disney since the mid-1960s was undoubtedly a brilliant musical masterpiece. Rudyard Kipling tale of a child of the forest that grows in the jungles of India was just fascinating enough in the book version of the original animated version expectations. So the question arose simply because the modern version in 2016 left the old-fashioned entertainment and songs behind and hugged computer GUIs live action to tell the story better. And the results have been amazing to see how the film was received worldwide. In the context of the battle that mankind faces environmental problems and the ongoing debate on coexistence between humans and animals, film, although based on a bygone era, it has equal relevance to present contexts.

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Batman and Joker Halloween costume ideas

Introduced in 1939 and Batman is a comic book character Batman. Bruce Wayne, his alter ego is a billionaire who lives in the fictional city of Gotham. The story begins when Bruce was orphaned after their parents were brutally murdered before his eyes. This is when he decides to find the murderer and the fight against crime. Batman has many enemies, including the Penguin, Riddler, Catwoman, but the Joker is his biggest rival. People often bring Batman and Joker Halloween costumes, so also I have some costume ideas for these characters.

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Watching Entertaint

Improve the TV for people with hearing

The FCC has recently implemented new rules to govern subtitling services. These rules are designed to make it more coherent and better captioning for people who rely on this service so they can get news and information and enjoy watching television entertainment programs. These rules apply to most cable television and broadcasting, and other programs such as videos.

The main purpose of the last game of menstrual subtitles is to ensure that companies do their best to provide quality service to those who rely on subtitles. In the past, there were several issues that could be very frustrating to see the programs for the deaf or have other hearing problems.

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superman movie

What future for Superman to the screen?

The extended DC (DCEU) Universe is alive and flourishing, with the third installment of his universe to come in August, in the form of Suicide Squad. Currently, the distribution of the Justice League are scenes from the deck and preparing for the long shoot in front of them. With Justice League already turning, he asks, what is the next step in the bow Superman is being played in the DCEU?

There are some of you who believe the director Zack Snyder does not know how to portray Superman and not bad about it.

Think about it.

The stream of Superman in the two films DCEU is already deep into his own history and complement the arc in the films of the Justice League. You may wonder, what is the story arc?

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classic comedies

Sitcom memorable classic characters

This number was 35 marked for me, and celebrates the same way I did all my other class reunions high school. I stay at home.

Of the 320 people who graduated with me back in 1981, I was in contact with the half dozen time was near. The others, not what I wish you luck, not really want to renew.

Although class meetings are not for me, I enjoyed TV shows with characters who attended his. Here are seven classic comedies that an episode in which at least one member of the board participated in a high school class reunion was transmitted.

All in the family

Archie (played by Carroll O’Connor) reluctantly agrees to accompany Edith (played by Jean Stapleton) for its meeting, where the most anticipated customer will be his friend Buck Evans School. track star now obese and bald, unrecognizable to any age, but Edith.

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Asian Horror

Mr. Vampire Asian horror film should see

Before Buffy against vampires, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, True Blood and Twilight, of course, took our small and large screens, vampires public thought, especially the horrible image has deeply to life by the late Sir Christopher Lee as Count Dracula with bloodshot eyes and fangs of fear rather than the modern version of teen fiction with good looks and sculpted six pack abs that would be a dream to date and make do. And as Sir Christopher Lee was memorable as the fanged demon, so was Sir Peter Cushing as Van Helsing his nemesis, the original murderer had before Buffy.

vampire horrors, of course, not limited to the West, namely Hollywood. Here in the East we have our version also, but instead of demons with sharp teeth, East vampires known as the “Jiang Shi” (translated as petrified corpses) Jump zombies dressed in Qing Dynasty outstretched arms. Based on legends and Chinese folklore, these nocturnal creatures can have a ridiculous and laughable aspect, but they are certainly not to be underestimated because they kill all living beings in order to absorb its essence of life or “qi”. As for his sworn enemy, ask any fan of Hong Kong cinema and is very likely to get the same answer – the Taoist priest played by the late Ching Ying Lam, our own “Van Helsing East”.

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movie channel

Best Hollywood movie channels

These days, English movie channels are wasting a lot of money on its content, because it is what keeps viewers glued to their TV sets. Ultimately, it comes down to what is normally displayed with them. Today, the environment responds to each viewer, whatever their tastes and choice of movies they see. The most popular genres are action adventure, drama, romance, comedy and action thriller.

Why Action-Adventure Miró more?

Of all the popular choices, people prefer action and adventure in others. They carry a mass appeal, because once you look at a movie like this, you feel a sudden rush of blood flowing through his veins. It gives a kind of excitement and an adrenaline rush that I had never felt before. You can take your favorite to be transmitted by a television channel of the winning films every day successes. They have a calendar full of energy in which the best action movies and adventure line up for release. latest trends on the cover Mad Max: Fury Road, ascending Jupiter and American sniper.

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