The Art and Beauty of Ballet

Dance: the beauty of art

It is natural to want to dance and move when listening to music. With the rhythm of the drum of a military march, marching in time; Soft waltz circles have the power to make us want to run forever; And a lullaby that lilt our body during sleep. Dance is a natural expression and is a natural response to music that is heard outside or at times, but rarely, it resonates with the sounds of inner joy, to which only the individual is deprived.

Most people want to dance or enjoy the dance. This is a life feature of most people around the world who reveal the differences in their culture through the different types of music and different styles of dance moves that are developed in their traditional art. There is a different campaign between dancing or western barn training dance with a country band and rap to dance with their intonation and the accompanying sounds; Among the metal tap dancers fight in a popular air-feet and soft ballet dancers pointed patterns of a classic piece describing; The passionate guitar and strong heels of a Spanish flamenco and the soft clouds of Austrian waltz circular to the chords of a violin. Read more »

costa rica dance

Costa Rica – Music, dance and nightlife

Music in Costa Rica is music for dancing. Salsa music room, there is something for everyone. Live bands playing in different clubs throughout a rural area. Salsa, Jazz, Rock, Tango, Tex-Mex, and Calypso are all over the place to go to different nightpots in Costa Rica.

If you stay near San Jose the perfect nightlife is located in El Pueblo, in Escazú. Here you will find restaurants, nightclubs and shops. Twister Club is a club that is very popular to play to date and Latin music. The other is Tobagan and while they only open the weekends they are always full. Read more »

Paco Pena and the flamenco dance company.

Unleashing Emotions Through Dance

Dancing is inherent in all living things, the vortex of atoms and moving molecules of galaxies. If he thought while dancing. The simplest definition can give dance simply movement. For something to exist must have the movement or words of the great philosopher Alan Watts; resonance. Resonance is an echo and requires movement. Even what we commonly understand to be static stationary objects at a deeper level than movement. This simple movement could be considered a dance; In this context, dance is the interaction of subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, etc. All dance requires space – which is equivalent to saying that something moves, has a place to move. As a corollary of this movement produces sound or resonance. This is well documented in the Vedic literature that the universe is seen as a symphony of sounds produced by vibrations of energy. This omnipresent energy animates all things, since in reality all things; It gives birth to everything we see and feel the experience. Read more »

latin dance

An Introduction to Latin Dance

Introduction to the Latin social dances

If you want to become a well balanced Salsero or Salsera, it is important to have an understanding of all of Latin dance and music. Let’s explore some of today’s great dances and examine why they are beneficial to your salsa skills, moves and techniques. This article focuses on social dances in the Latin style. This differs from Latin dance hall dance consisting of five specific styles: rumba, samba, double step, cha-cha-cha and jive.


Merengue is a dance from the Dominican Republic, often cited as the National Dance of D. D. Like many musical styles in D. R., merengue was “country music”. The music is attributed to a Nico Lora, who created it in the 1920s and bears the name of the meringue dessert of egg whites and sugar. The first years of merengue began in brothels and bars of the valleys region around Santiago, formally called the Cibao. With their humble beginnings, but harmful, efforts to ban meringue in high society have proven effective even in the 1930s under the domination of Rafael Trufillo 1930-1961, the dance imposed on all levels the company with enough Silencing other forms of national music such as bachata. Trujillo embraced this language while speaking with his humble origin, the very one of a rural area. Many songs during his dictatorship were composed to praise his virtues and contributions to the nation. Read more »

salsa dance

Salsa dance and the body speaks

Salsa – a passionate romance dance. The beauty of salsa came to New York in the 1950s. From the combination of Afro music and Latin rhythm, salsa that is considered a jazz rocked the world with its passionate dance moves sexy. Not taken from several Latin dances like cha-cha-cha, samba, rumba, mambo and the other Latin flavor brought to dance. The hip is attractively shaken, kicks and complexes tapoteuses expositions and sensual caresses as the dance created the identity of salsa as the crucible of Latin dances.

Salsa has many popular meanings – music, food, dance and others. However, salsa is a way of life. Sensuality, attractive, passion and romance, is what he suggests. Music, dance and everything else are just part of a passionate hot lifestyle that accompanies dance; More than that, it’s a lifestyle romance, elegance and passion. Read more »

dance camp

Dance your way to health

Dance can be very purifying because it releases stagnant energy in the body. The emotional state is modified by the physical movement of the body with beats and rhythms of music. Dancing can come out of a depression as the body is flooded with endorphins. It is a natural stimulant that you dance along with a partner can give. It is not only an emotional high, but also a social one. Social dance out is equivalent to leaving the house and meeting other people who share the same interest, namely the dance couple. Studies have shown that animals as well as, private human touch built a small number of neurons in the brain of their connection, so it is good to have people connect to you. The feeling of connection is very important. If we lose our connection with other human beings, we are likely to miss valuable life lessons. Learning from others’ mistakes, for example, can cost you years of work and unnecessary hardship. So get out, physical and social violence with dance.

Dancing physics is amazing for body posture. Ballroom dancing styles like Waltz, Bolero, Foxtrot, Quickstep and Tango and do not forget the Viennese Waltz are perfect for people who develop poor postures. These dance styles combined with careful practice, persistence and a little knowledge can make the posture of any dancer lift more by strengthening and lengthening many parts of the body. Dancers tend to straighten and strengthen their back; Legs, arms and body tasks become well toned and what’s more, they built muscle groups giving them not only the ability to act quickly, but also to carry out uncontrolled movements. Dance intentionally develops a well rounded body with enough muscle to burn fat fast and consistent and continuous, even during sleep. This makes the dancers feel strong and fit their bodies. Dancing a wide variety of dance partners in any of the dance floor, Latin and Latin-style street dance could develop body strength, body control, endurance, flexibility and dexterity. Learning how to dance and use these skills on the dance floor has the advantage of being slim while giving you hours of fun. Read more »

school dance

Rockin ‘Party School Dancing!

Everyone is a star at a high school musical dance party! With the third installment of the HSM series reaching the end of summer 2008, this event will definitely be a great success! Invitations: Purchase theme invitations or make your own tickets or passes behind the scenes by visiting the website and choosing the template for “concert tickets”. It’s totally free and very easy! Fill in what you want the ticket or spend saying, downloading, saving and printing as many copies as necessary. Simple! I’ve created an invitation to fake it on the right side so you can see what they look like.

There are various shapes, colors and designs to choose from. Use phrases like “Backstage Access”, “VIP Only” and “AdmitOne”. The tickets would be large in card stock and the passes would be fine on plain paper, laminated and pierced with a cord or cord. You can use the party! Decorations: Create a scene of a lot of dance secondaire.Utilisez the school of red and white balloons and banderoles.Trouvez you get a disco ball and some strobe lights to really set the mood for the dance! Name each guest, making big yellow stars or paper with your name written on it. Take these stars and make a wall of fame by blending the “guest star” with photos and posters of actors and actresses of the High School of the movie starring musique.Les Hang, CD, disks, pompoms and garland pennants Ceiling with the wire do not pêche.N’oubliez remove the Christmas lights and hang them on your murs.Il would not be surprised to have a DJ – Ok, this is a bit much, but be sure to have a good stereo in the Hand with a great selection of popular music and HSM top 40 cds. Activities: A dance class would be great. Read more »

lovers of music

Snowdonia For lovers of music

Performing and enjoying music is a big part of Welsh culture. With the secular traditions of harp, song, poetry and folk music it remains a part of modern Welsh culture – you hear all this and more to special cultural festivals called “Eisteddfodau” (plural of “Eisteddfod”) held at Local and national level throughout the year in Wales – it is not surprising that Wales in the last two centuries, has earned the nickname “the land of song.”

All types of music are popular – and created – in Wales. Opera, folk, jazz, rock and even traditional styles of poetry and music like ‘Cerdd dafod’ and ‘Cerdd ing’ are as popular as ever in Wales.

In Snowdonia, music is so much a part of everyday life in the rest of Wales, and the region has produced global music artists; Opera Bryn Terfel, for example, is the village of Snowdonia Pant Glas, near Caernarfon, while the famous singer Duffy comes from Nefyn on the Llyn peninsula. Read more »


Dancing to the rhythm of life

Do you see life as a constant struggle? A struggle with money, work, relationships, weight loss, addictions … Life does not have to be a struggle. Life can be a dance if you wish. Stop fighting. Come on. Follow the music. Dancing to the beat.

The more you think you can barely make ends meet, the more you will find yourself in the situation, no doubt. Do not resist. When you think of the lack of money, the money you wanted to say and say, “Okay, your wish is my command.” Since I am not welcome, I will make myself meager. Money as your friend Keeping thoughts of love about money Imagine that you are happy surrounded by friends so loving Ask how you can do this Be quiet Listen well The answer can not come immediately It’s good Keep on using Thoughts of love with you The answer may come to you in other ways Maybe a friend who informs you of a job offer Or you go through a place and suddenly you know what you can do to attract more friends Lovers in your life. Or is it perhaps you through an article that contains everything you need to listen. Read more »

best dance

The best dance schools for you

Many couples have started taking dance lessons together these days. This makes for a fun activity for couples that dancing is a fun way to stay in shape and have fun. There are a number of institutions and dance schools that give dance classes to Sarasota. These institutions have trained professionals who make learning as fun as possible. Whether you are a novice beginner or a professional who wants to improve your skills, these schools have perfect teachers for you.

These schools help transform your life through the art of dance. Dancing can become addictive and most people become an important part of their lifestyle. Many people are often shy when it comes to moving their bodies to music, dance is something that would help them find again and give you the confidence to move your body gracefully. This is known to increase your self-confidence in a big way. These schools aim to create a comfortable, professional and fun environment for their students. They encourage students to participate and learn.

These schools give you a free introductory lesson. This gives students an opportunity without the obligation to try out the different types of dances these schools teach. In this way, the student can choose what kind of dance he or she wants to learn and that would be comfortable. I guarantee once you have learned one, you want to know as much as possible. These schools even offer personal lessons to refine your dancing skills. Those – will allow you to meet one by one with professional teachers who would give you individual attention. These lessons teach lead and follow perfectly. These trained professionals use techniques to help you progress quickly make you feel confident of your skills as you continue to learn. They also organize group classes that are so enjoyable. These classes are very nice and more social. You will learn new dance and dance moves with a variety of partners. The usual class size is between 10 and 16 students.

There are some styles that you need to know before choosing the perfect one for you. Choose a form of dance that loves you and appreciates it would help you learn and progress quickly. You should know that there is a dance for all types of music. This would give your body rhythm to pass any type of music. The styles that can be chosen are competitive (dance competition) style international style which is a standardized style that is performed all over the world, both social and competitive. You can also choose the American style that is native to the United States and is a competitive way in the United States and Canada. Here is a list of ways you can choose: Read more »