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New albums to consider in 2017

The world of music lost many popular artists in the year 2016, most recently George Michael. The British singer, who gained fame in the duo Wham died on Christmas Day, adding to a list that includes Obituary David Bowie, Prince, Glenn Frey, Keith Emerson and Greg Lake.

Despite these passages, the year was able to give us something to thank. We were treated to new veteran albums like Monkees and Loretta Lynn, and a surprise exit from Wilco.

As we enter a new year, here are fifteen new album albums we can rejoice at some point in the year 2017.


James Mercer will continue to work from the last two years on the Broken Bells side project and contributes to the voice of strangers to ourselves Modest Mouse album. The main Mercer group has already released the single “Dead Alive”, so fans are anticipating the album in the coming months.

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Peter Bjorn and John

Top Fifteen albums from All ’16Top Albums

In the world of music, for the year 2016 began with sadness. At the beginning of the second week of January, David Bowie died a few days after his 69th birthday.

The disappearance of other rock icons soon followed, as we lost Glenn Frey from the Eagles and Dale “Buffin” Griffin this month. Before the end of the year, fans had to say goodbye to Prince, Leon Russell and Paul Kantner, among others.

Fortunately, Bowie left us with a new studio album, which was released just before his death. Titled Black Star, the album certainly provides a bright light for the rest of 2016 for music aficionados.

Here are the top five albums that were released in 2016.

Breakin ‘Point by Peter, Bjorn and John

Contagious rhythms and so sweet tenor John Lennon combine to make this album, with the only Dominos, the best record of the year. Read more »

popular artist

Famous poems that were made into songs by popular artists

Although I have taught English in high school, the subject of literature will rarely happen when I met my top friends there. As soccer coaches, most of our discussions focused on this particular sport or another, which are very popular in our culture.

One of the two physical education teachers in our coaching staff came to glance at a stack of papers he had placed on the football office desk. The content was poetry that my students were assigned to write, so the gym teacher obviously bored decided to read aloud the first.

We laughed at the exaggerated expression and, after two or three poems, he left the company. His later confession would not have surprised me now, but my minor idealist then found me almost unbelievable.

“The only poem I can recite not a single line is that they use in this song,” he said. “This one for the Moody Blues.”

There was no need to provide the first words of her, “Deep breaths growing dark,” so I know I was talking Nights of white satin. If he had been a big fan of this band more, he could have used painted smile, a lesser known song from his long-distance album Voyager.

The Moody Blues have achieved the feat twice, but other artists have also managed to insert original poems into their songs. The most famous example is Jim Morrison, who wrote and recited a Prayer album at the gates with the same title. Read more »

Villains and Heroes

If this is the summer of Villains Instead of Heroes

Tom Hiddleston made a great save as Thor’s brother Loki. shot tradition, simple evil spirit moves underdeveloped that comics tend to have, Loki was a complex villain multiple layers, which kept the audience guessing at every turn. Thor Loki is both the film and he is the god of thunder. The same could possibly apply to all evil in the upcoming films comics and summer.

Starting with X-Men: First Class, the film focuses on the relationship between Charles Xavier (Professor X) and Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto) and the beginnings of the X-Men. Seeing that X-Men Origins: Magneto was canceled, the first class is likely that at some point in the film portrays the origin of Magneto as a Holocaust survivor. This will certainly make things compelling, and it is much more interesting than the emergence of a rich telepath Charles Xavier. the portrait of Sir Ian McKellen Magneto in X-Men trilogy was probably the best villain of the comic book movie of all time. His character was layered, tormented and was so easy to sympathize with him as it was to hate him. We now have the opportunity to see their origin on the screen, the rest of X-Men: First Class is just filler. Calling villain Magneto best comic book movie of all time is no disrespect to Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight, I just thought Magneto McKellen was much more relevant to the source of comic material.

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Only Lovers Left Alive

Only Lovers Left Alive

Simply it recognizes that pop culture is more or less done with vampires for another twenty years. They had a good run there for a while, what with True Blood, Twilight, Buffy, et al., But the journey is about to end. Hell, we have advanced (and tired) by zombies this point. Only Lovers Left Alive is not worried that the pop culture wants or does not want. In fact, he has a contempt for the general population.

Our protagonists are Adam and Eve, two centuries old vampires have brilliantly played by Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton (our own Evangelist Chris assures me that Hiddleston and Swinton are real vampires in real life. I could not be bothered to check the facts for what I am working on the assumption that telling the truth). Adam and Eve share a deep love for others and it is this love that is at the heart of the film. Both Hiddleston Swinton and give wonderful performances and this film are struggling else on his shoulders easily. Adam is a mysterious suicide musician with a past love living in ruin, once great city of Detroit. Eva is a seeker of passionate emotion and dynamics currently residing on the other side of the world in squalid Tangier.

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chris hemsworth

Thor Chris Hemsworth brings intelligent Superhero Movie

Thor was one of the quietest films of marketing for blockbuster bonanza summer of 2011, so the expectations are not as high for this film Marvel, but entering a dropper gag such way. Not many viewers who expect a whole lot that makes the experience even more enjoyable. director Kenneth Branaugh is logical that many wondered why. When removing Thor never forget you have those doubts. If only I could have continued with the outcome, you know, it would have been much stronger.

The beauty of Thor is not taken too seriously or slightly, which is a very delicate balance to achieve. Thor is quite the handful of power on their own planet, and when it comes to our planet, which has the same attitude that makes it a lot of fun. Only one of the funniest moments in the movie is when Thor is stuck in a hospital and shout, You’re no match for the powerful … like he has stuck in the ass with a needle. This film easily open many doors for Hemsworth shows that it is more than just a pretty face and a body to match. You can continue in the field of action for a long time. Thor opened the door well for the film The Avengers which is a founding member.

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The deep Blue Sea

The Deep Blue Sea

Neither you can give Everything you want

So I found The Deep Blue Sea, I’m surprised it took eighty-four minutes to say what could easily have been said in just fifteen or twenty. Adaptation of the play by Terence Rattigan, which tells the incredible story of a single woman who leaves behind a secure connection, but asexual for a passionate but reckless relationship. With regard nor can give you everything you want, you have to make a choice between continuing to live or die alone. Plot wise, there’s really nothing more than the film than that. I have not seen or read the original work, although it is based on what I’ve read about it, it seems that one of the characters, a former doctor, had a much more important than it was in the movie role. I can not help but wonder if its inclusion would have made the story seem more substantial and less drawn.

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War Horse Review

Movie Review – War Horse

The story of the mighty steed

Warhorse must have been a great challenge for director Steven Spielberg, the film is a balance between two of its well-established styles, namely, the obvious sentimentality and frightening representations of war. On paper, this looks like a recipe for disaster. On the screen, it crosses very well. Do not ask me how the work is done, because I have no idea. All I know is as clean and abroad Spielberg This is one of those rare films that positively and without a hint of joke can be described using terms such as snapshots “crowd” and “tearjerker”. I can not deny that these are naturally manipulative. But again, it’s kind of the way the stories are. Moreover, it is evident that enjoy a degree be manipulated. If we did, there would be no reason to go to the movies at all.

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avatar movie

Top 10 most profitable films of Hollywood

Hollywood movies are seen by many people, not only in the US but worldwide as well. Apart from the magnificent advanced effects incorporated in the films, the stage is also something that moviegoers around the world are passionate. In this regard, here are the 10 best films of Hollywood’s most profitable and most recent date you need to know:

1. Avatar – is an epic science fiction film directed by James Cameron. Cameron is also the brilliant writer of this most profitable film. Its release date can be dated in 2009. This great film was played by Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Giovanni Ribisi, Joel David Moore, Michelle Rodriguez and Stephen Lang. The world total gross is $ 2,787,965,087 Avatar.

2. Titanic – The Hollywood film was released in 1997, but there were still many people who can not get back with the tragic story of this film. It is a romantic epic Hollywood disaster movie played mainly by Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. It is another brilliant chef James Cameron film. Its gross in the world has reached $ 2,186,772,302.

3. Star Wars: The Force Awakening – also known as Star Wars Episode VII: The Force awake. This epic space opera film Hollywood was released in 2015, and some theaters around the world are still showing. It is under the brilliant leadership of J. J. Abrams. Some Hollywood stars in this movie were Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Adam Driver. Its global revenue is now around $ 2,008,361,469.

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Man of steel

“Man of Steel” will stick in Theaters

“Man of Steel”, a reboot of the obligation 2013 iconic Superman, was directed by Zack Snyder and produced by Christopher Nolan. Nolan is known for creating one of the most famous versions of Batman with his award-winning film of the trilogy of “Batman Begins,” “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises”. “Man of Steel” is a highly anticipated film that had fans clamor superhero genre to see if Nolan and Snyder can do so Superman Nolan Batman films created.

“Man of Steel” follows the life of Clark Kent, a young man with extraterrestrial origins who is adopted by a couple of honest farmers named Jonathan Kent. Kent take the child and raise him as their own, to discover as it grows is endowed with superhuman powers. Strength, speed, flight, and the ability to see through solid objects that are young classmates outside Clark and pointing his alien heritage.

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