A ballet dancer must be met to be a highly qualified person

What is dance ? Dance is really the interpretation of the person. Dances change so rapidly in recent years , and something that is considered a very popular dance step of one year may be considered ridiculous in five . In general , the dance motion in a body is considered as rhythmically , usually music. Ballet Dance Theatre is one of the oldest forms of dance, and has held its own for centuries. Usually, a ballet dancer is admired by the dance community because of the difficulty of movement.

France and Italy were the authors of this type of dance . We started as a form of expressive fences. What people wanted to get through it is the presentation of the best parts of a person for execution. Ballet dancers try to keep their less attractive parts tucked in and controlled the ball . Now, a ballet dancer is allowed more freedom of movement , but is carried out for a classic torso as still as possible.

In classical ballet, slow dance , but in a neoclassical style have introduced a faster tempos. Most of the attention of a dancer in the production of its so strong , elegant and flexible as possible bodies. This gives them their unique and elegant look.

This type of dance has become several different styles , which are the classical, neoclassical and contemporary ballet, and each is unique. Classical dance is closer to the tradition as possible .

Neoclassical Ballet is due to tradition , but also allows more modern dance moves . Contemporary structure is based on old models of ballet, but that’s it . Many contemporary ballet is taken from the 20th century and modern dance styles .

Ballet dancers usually do some of these styles, but usually stick to dance a specific mode most of the time. Indeed, there are serious health risks as a ballet dancer . First, there are many injuries that dancers can get, as with any other business that involves physical effort.

Being a dancer is in fact so strong that most dance was removed thirties active years . In addition , because there is so much emphasis on image for professional dancers , who often struggle with disorders such as anorexia or bulimia. This can also affect the health of the dancers, while making your job harder .

Now you know a little more about the different styles of Ballet Theatre. Someone who wants to be a professional ballet dancer has a difficult task ahead of them . What learning all forms of movement , and try to avoid injuries, be a ballerina is difficult. These dancers must have great respect for the work they do .

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