A great actress of Sri Lanka – Malani Fonseka

Even before the Internet was born long ago, they were still making films that were worth seeing. Unlike Hollywood, if you’re an actress of Sri Lanka get your name and its fame is not an easy task. Unlike these days in the old days, everything was pure talent and hard work. This is not a judgment on our “stars” young, but most of them do not know what the job really is. You may be only one other person, but suddenly, after next week could be world famous. This is the power of technological improvements we have today. But unfortunately, most movie stars and musicians especially these days (not all, there are some big ones) have very poor quality standards of the “old” world.

But back to the original title. Malani Fonseka was born in 1947 April 30. She was a great capacity for action (more on this later) and also had the chance to be born into a family that had some links with industry. His brother was the director and was who introduced him and gave him his first opportunity to actor. In 1965 he played a leading role in a movie and after two years received the award for best actress. It was also one of the youngest actress in Sri Lanka to receive this honor.

At school and also the time (even if the approach is a little less, but still plays an important role) acting on stage was casual game if you are interested in becoming a celebrity. She had taken many kinds of roles in dozens of stadiums in front of crowds live. The advantage of this practice can be seen in your life today, as they rarely erred when running. Although production of the film that can make mistakes and have time to correct them. But once on the scene you need to know what you are doing, otherwise you will end up with humiliation.

However, it has also entered the television actor as well. She not only played an important role, but even began directing (recently), some of them too. The first international commitment came from Russia in 1975, followed by Bollywood in 1977. Although she conquered others on the way unfortunately never had a serious relationship remains. Few of his marriages ended in disappointment. Anyway, aside from her personal life, she was the greatest actress of Sri Lanka of its time.

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