Actors and actresses have many roles

The actors and actresses are people who work in the television drama or comedy productions , film , radio and theater. The word actor was derived from a Greek word meaning “to interpret. ” In the theater at first, all roles, including the female characters were played by male actors . A Greek artist named Thespis is widely regarded as the first person who took the stage with the intention of playing the role of a character to entertain .

Before this date , all the stories were told through song and dance, or in narrative form. The name of this man, Thespis is originally comedians term , a term commonly used to refer theater actors .

Shakespeare ‘s works are perhaps the most famous original drama , but the evolution of both RPGs and technology has brought many changes in the last century. Actors are now known for their work in a variety of media, including radio, television, movies and music and theater in Broadway. The artists have many different skills , including vocal projection , clarity of speech , ability to express emotional at will , imagination and the ability to memorize large scripts.

Voice acting has become a very popular occupation for many actors and actresses . This environment includes voiceovers for television , movies, video games and computer animations . This work also includes the dubbing of films , radio and television, and audio books .

Those who are employed in this industry are called voice actors . Many known actors lending their voices for television and film. A voice actor , as this type of work because it allows them the privilege to work without having to worry about makeup or costume changes .

Top actors and actresses are often involved in a number of different media sites . It is not unusual for an artist to be known for their performance in a comedy or a drama TV , along with a film drama. Some of the most successful artists of today have a well rounded portfolio and receive numerous awards for his ability to develop talent. These prices include the Screen Actors Guild Award and Academy Award .

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