Batman vs Superman – Of A Confused girl

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Albores of Justice was outstanding! I’m glad that’s out-of-way now as I said aloud. I came to this film with a poor sense of what I thought and I immediately caught.

The hero Superman was very well played by Henry Cavill. I really like Christopher Reeve so I seem to always get to the hopes that the actor is not able to meet your standards. I am impressed with Henry in the last film, but he outdid himself this time.

Batman was played by Ben Affleck in the film. Ben has received mixed reviews, but in the end I am proudly stating that he is one of the best to play the dark character. I was so impressed; I saw other films of Ben Affleck to pursue his career as an actor.

The surprise highlight for us was Wonder Woman. When I was a child, I remember having a Wonder Woman costume and I’m very proud to wear much as I could. I remember how sad I was when I grew out of it. She played the strong woman who would have expected Amazon and Gal Gadot was excellent. I can see this girl that creates the need for a new generation to buy costumes for children or for the next Supernova Pop Culture Expo.

I think the inner nerd in all of us was waiting for an excuse to get out and be seen. If the Avengers movies are not your thing, then the Justice League must fill their quota. Heroic heroes are bad are really bad and use the scenery is so amazing that you forget you’re watching a movie. The fight scenes really tear the place and make you feel the impact when someone is hit.

For those of you who know the character of Lex Luthor, played by Jesse Eisenberg it is pretty funny. As with the usual bad, so you want to support them so you can see what they get up.

I think they could possibly have cut one, and adding the characters of the future JLA too. The story line was more than enough by itself without neglecting what appeared to be a trailer for the upcoming movie of the current movie.

Overall I loved it and I can not wait for the next film Justice League place. Critics are crazy. Batman vs Superman was fantastic.

Brenda Mitchell is Head of Department for property management and currently in its sixth year of real estate. But she is passionate about superheroes and comics.

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