Before you hire a hula dancer – Read This!

Performance Space for your hula dancers

When clients ask me how much space our hula dancers perform , I will respond by saying that the outdoors is the best. Try to imagine that each of hula dancers will have enough to fully extend your arms without touching someone or something space. In general , I suggest you allow each dancer hula 5 feet to work his magic. It is also important to know that occasionally , hula dancers can change position and move to the front of the performance area , and from him .

Public participation is a lot of fun , but you must also consider that more space will be required to put your guests to learn hula dancers (or just shake their stuff ) . While on stage, our hula dancers try to keep participants from the audience close to each other to maximize the performance space.

If you plan to have a fire dancer with hula dancers , such as a knife or fire poi fire dancing , try to keep your audience members at least 10 feet from the fire dancer . While most of the performers are professionals who have done a million times , accidents can happen.

Near the hula dancers performance area change

If we consider that, on average , our hula dancers change clothes five times a hula show , you can imagine how important it is to have an area near places to change the performance . Usually after each number , hula dancers will quickly offstage to change costumes, and the clock is ticking .

Although our hula dancers often use numbers ( so there is always a new hula dancer costume ready ), the Polynesian dance show will continue to operate more smoothly when hula dancers do not have to worry about Sprint d by region another (the hula and dancing is a workout ) . Also, having stairs or elevator tends to complicate things further . Ideally , a toilet within 50 feet works well .

What is your opinion?

I had a lot of hula shows that customers just float through without real listening area designated . To optimize image hula dancers and artists, while keeping members of the public to have to fend for themselves ” Tippie toe ” , you should consider having at least one stage or public dissemination Chairs in a way that allows all members of the audience with a good view of the area of ‚Äč‚Äčoperation . I found that increasing the chair configuration works well .

Hula dancing is absolutely beautiful thing . If you provide your hula dancers with a large audience , I will pay ten times with an impressive display of hula.

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