Branding Gangnam Style

More than three quarters of a billion people – nearly 825 million of this writing – has seen the YouTube video # 1 “Gangnam Style” since its launch July 15, 2012. This means that more than a third of all people on the planet who are online have laid eyes on this video. Talk cheap brand powerful! Would not it be not to achieve this kind of awareness and engagement with your brand message?

If you are one of the few people who have not seen this video, is a song by rap star who had called PSY Korean, until now, were well known in his home country. This single four-minute international superstar PSY released in a few weeks. So what can we learn from the “Gangnam style brand?”

Be catchy. The Gangnam style song is clearly what they call an “ear worm”. This is the kind of song that goes on in your head and stays there. So when you work on your own brand messages, think strong lines, memorable label – phrases that are strategic, but catchy, that represent what you want your brand to represent, and will remain in the minds of your customers.

Being “entertainment eyes.” Video Gangnam style is very visual and includes a variety of unique scenes in colorful environments. It’s catchy. Because our eyes are responsible for 70% of our human experience, the visual image are fundamental. Combine catchy phrases memorable images with your ownable brand strategy and sticking power.

Be unexpected. One thing I have to say about the video Gangnam style is not what you expect. PSY is just your average star handsome, handsome rock. It is rare, unique and different. It’s funny and unconventional. All these elements make the video even more memorable, it is not at all what we expected. What can your brand that is unexpected?

Make an emotional connection. Watch the video of Gangnam style is an emotional experience. It goes beyond the eyes and ears, and is committed to a deeper level. All this, and the song is sung … Korean! I estimate that about 95% of all people who see the video has no idea what it says! Just goes to show that the words you use in your marketing messages are important, but building a powerful brand by making an emotional connection with your target audience. To what extent your advertising material to connect emotionally with their customers and prospects?

Inspiring action. Video Gangnam style makes you want to leave your seat and move. In fact, when PSY recently performed the song at the annual American Music, the entire audience rose in a few seconds and began to dance. How can you encourage your customers to action through their own marketing materials?

Repeat, repeat, repeat. The melody and rhythm of the song are very repetitive style Gangnam. To add to this, PSY has created his own style of dance – the “horse” stage – which is repeated throughout the video (which was parodied in the world). Repetition and consistency are key to recall a brand message and help customers consolidate what you want your brand represents. How repetitive and consistent communication of your brand?

Word of mouth lever. PSY discovered video Gangnam life style Kiwi colleague in Australia. Think about how he learned – through a friend, relative or co-worker? This is the word of mouth! How powerful is this form of marketing has been the style of Gangnam? In perspective, the previous # 1 YouTube video was Justin Bieber “Baby” video has reached 804 million visits in 34 months. Style Gangnam reached 822MM in 132 days! (Can you say “Bye Bye Baby”? “) Do not know how the money spent on PSY video, but the ROI must be huge. This just goes to show that word of mouth is still the cost of marketing the lower and the more effective it is. This is essentially “free media.” How can you do something with your brand message that customers want to share with others?

Remember name recognition. A problem with the video Gangnam style is that most people who watch the video remember the name of the song but not the artist. In fact, I admit I had to do a little research to find out who I was the singer. Effective branding requires a good solid connection to the brand. No matter the quality of your communications, if potential customers I can not remember the name of your brand, do not spend your money wisely.

Avoid the “one-hit wonder” syndrome. PSY Another potential problem in the future may have to repeat the phenomenal success. Will it be a flash in the pan, a one-hit wonder? How can you get to a second video that is so memorable? Remains to be seen, but it is a big challenge – the kind of challenge that we would all be as brand builders.

All these points of good news: You do not have to spend a fortune to build a powerful brand. So go to the drawing board and think about how you can build your own product, service, company or personal brand via “Style” Gangnam strategies.

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