Carey Mulligan Breakout Movie

Coming romantic age beautifully written story set in Britain in the 1960s Bored school girl in existence Jennie is placed on the head by a charming older man. You will not see what will happen in this well designed and you remember your first love movie and how it has changed your life and heart.

The film is based on a memoir by Lynn Barber and adapted for the screen by Nick Hornby, who is also responsible for the high fidelity and a child. Lone Scherfig (Just Like Home) is masterful with his sense of this moving novel. He shows his talent in lower tones of the film and are not going to walk into voyeurism.

The story is about Jennie, Carey Mulligan, (the largest), which was sixteen, very bright and on the way to Oxford. She is bored with school and the guys he knows and the whole experience of school. She wonders about his father Jack, Alfred Molina (silk) and mother Majorie, Cara Seymour, (the author), both locked in a loveless marriage. Main objective of his father in life is to put in Oxford, opening his way in the world.

A rainy day on the way back to his cello recital, she a tour of David, Peter Sarsgaard (Rendition) is offered refuses at first. David is very nice, has a sports car and charm that she can not resist. The trip ends with mild flirting, but is surprised when David receives flowers the next day. David now occupies his fantasies for a while.

Jennie is with David later and was invited to a concert of Ravel and dinner spot after. David tells him that he will fall round and if their parents were opposed to who can use the tickets and go with the family. David is brilliant with his parents and convinced them to let him go. You can only say that David is a master salesman and has a charm of another world. Jennie is impressed by the ease with which handle the situation. In concert, she meets David’s friends Danny, Dominic Cooper (The Duchess) and Helen, Rosamund Pike (Pride and Prejudice), which are a pair of lovers in elegant and fun end. Jennie is excited all night especially glamorous nightclub go for some dinner. It is a world that only dreamed. The evening ends with Jennie saying it’s the best night of his life.

David then led to an auction at Christies, to see if they can acquire a famous painting. Helen and Danny are there and let Jennie offer in painting, she wins. He is impressed by the experience. They date from Danny and Helen apartment for cocktails. Afternoon decide to go to Oxford for the weekend and invite Jennie. Jennie bet David, half crown, can not convince his father to let her go and will be arrested if he tries. You may well guess, David is a master at weaving a tale, one says he’ll Oxford to meet his former English teacher Clive Lewis Jennie and want to know. Clive Lewis wrote a very famous novel and its parent believes are Professor Lewis will pave the way for Jennie Oxford. David mentioned that his Aunt Helen will be along chaperone. It is a fact

While Jennie and Helen are packing, Helen Jennie asks if he has a beautiful doll for the occasion. She said she did not know and has not slept with David and Helen congratulated. Jennie naive notions of the relationship now sends his mind churning. She does not want to sleep with David, but not yet. David does not really know Clive Lewis and forge a greeting and autograph his novel. They spend a great day to visit Oxford. That night David Jennie asks to sleep with him. Jennie said she would like, but want to wait until his seventeenth birthday. David takes a look at her beautiful body and flattered and naked.

On the way back, Jennie gets another brutal awakening when David and Danny fly a painting of an old farmhouse. She wants to go home, but David convinces her how the group gives his lavish lifestyle and Jennie softened. She is mesmerized by David and feels that his life had begun after she met him. She enjoys all the gifts and luxury lifestyle and is introduced into the web of deceit.

David presents gifts seventeenth birthday party wearing Jennie. He announced that takes the whole family to Paris for her birthday. David easily handled the situation and yes Jennie get to go to Paris with him. A trip to Paris has always been one of the Jennie dreams. She wonders how David deftly handled the situation.

The trip to Paris is exciting and spend the day visiting all the sights. That night is when the romance begins. Jennie tells David that is unspoilt and is not only the first time and she wants it to be memorable, so he ordered champagne. It is limitless. In the morning, Jennie consider why so many love songs and romantic novels, something that lasts a short time.

The novel continues when they return and live the high life with their ill-gotten gains. David was owned Jennie and asks her to marry him and she did not answer. The next day Jennie is torn by the decision. She confesses to his parents and his father says he does not need to Oxford because it will be all set with David. Jennie David decides to marry and leave school.

David asks Jack and Majorie to dinner to celebrate the upcoming wedding. During the trip Jennie discovers a terrible secret about David. The wedding is off. In the following days more downloads come your way as you learn the truth about David.

You will be amazed by the end of this story. It is the most poignant and memorable. Jennie has trouble getting into Oxford and finally succeeds. The final scenes are unexpected and make you smile.

Lone Scherfig deserves much praise for his sensitive handling of the script and not allowed to degenerate into something sordid. Carey Mulligan gives a great performance with nuance and ingenuity just below the surface. It will be a great demand after the release of the film. Peter Sarsgaard is impressive in its moderate performance as David. I was surprised I still love David with all its charm, although he tried to seduce a girl, was never goosebumps. Until they were revealed unexpected secrets. Alfred Molina as always gives a great performance. This film won numerous awards this season. Fortunately, the performance of Carey Mulligan get a nod.

This movie is not what I usually high on my list to see, especially the theme of seduction. He was absorbed throughout the film. The growing awareness of the world of Jennie and her place in it kept me wanting more. Peter Carey and performance ornate causing the film to shine and beyond the subject. Education is a must see movie.

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