Celebrity life is not what it seems to be and not always a part

celebrity life

It is a common assumption among the public that celebrities are born with a silver spoon, and have a sumptuous lifestyle, popularity, love, peace, joy, fun, wealth and high patrimonial value of celebrities. For ordinary people, the grass is always greener on the other side, but the truth is, however, completely opposite to what an ordinary person sees. There are advantages and disadvantages to being a celebrity and people can only see one side of the room. The other side is full of thorns, and that is a fact.


The freedoms of celebrities are restricted. Imagine Beyoncé, Justine Beiber or Robert Pattison going for a walk, to a supermarket or to a park. What will happen? They never know where their fans are anxious and impatient, admirers and photographers are waiting to rush and overwhelm them. They can also be literally ambushed by their admirers if they leave their house or hotel without sufficient security. To avoid such scenarios, they should confine themselves in their house or hotel and live alone. They can not hope to lead a normal life as an ordinary man and enjoy the pleasure of visiting a park, shopping mall or supermarket, walking, visiting neighbors, lying on the beach, going to a theater, a restaurant neighborhood or a club night. They are confined in their own isolated world, among the closest ones.
Celebrities still face the risk of harassment, harassment, deception and harassment in their daily lives, as it is a matter of time when fans can go overboard and commit these inconveniences. The exacerbated passions among the fans can even lead to disastrous consequences and physical damage. They must also be on guard every minute of the day to be deceived by unscrupulous people, agents, producers and friends.
Staying away in one’s isolated world leads to loneliness and emptiness. Celebrities feel hurt and depressed, and frequent feelings of nothing. They describe their lives as a void and an abyss, without charm or pleasure. Its emptiness is the hunger of neighbors, sincere friends, natural life and life as a common man where they can laugh, play and enjoy like others. Sometimes loneliness is so overwhelming that they feel something is missing in their lives. Loneliness can also lead to drug cravings, nausea and other depressants that can be dangerous to your health, and an overdose can even kill them.
Celebrities are still under the scrutiny of their fans, magazines, newspapers, tabloids, blogs and electronic media. Scandalous false news, lies, defamation and slander are commonplace in the life of a celebrity. Such false propaganda can reduce its popularity among its fanatics and producers and damage its reputation and profession.
Celebrities lack privacy. Internet and tabloids are full of videos and photos that show privacy and outdoor celebrities. His daily life is always under the scan of the journalism of “people” or “people”, and each of his actions or activities is reflected in the pages of the tabloid press. People also want news about the personal lives of celebrities, and to meet the needs of people and fans, many national tabloids, gossip magazines and gossip columnists have sprung up to publish news. These tabloids are always attentive to scandals and the privacy of celebrities. The advent of cell phones with cameras, hidden cameras and voice recorders has further endangered the privacy of celebrities because sensationalist journalists use these electronic devices to interfere in the personal and private lives of famous people.

However, becoming a celebrity is always a dream for many, regardless of the negative aspects. The success of a celebrity and his celebrity status can really be compared to the rosebush because roses also have thorns, and a single rose grows among thorns. In the same way, some flaws can dissuade people from wanting to be a celebrity and enjoy fanatics, celebrity and fortune, sumptuous lifestyle and wealth.

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