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You can immediately see why this film was an international success, it’s a romantic story that many teenagers identify with even if they have horror themes since the inevitable theme deals with vampires, but is in a love story

She plays Kristen Stewart (unrecognizable in The Cake Eaters), while Bella Swan is eager to escape her erratic mother and boyfriend on her tour as she moves to a new school with her father. , local sheriff Charlie Swan played by Billy Burke (Untraceable, 24, Party of Five).

Immediately we get Bella’s distant relationship with her father, while Bella’s voice-over “Charlie’s best is that she does not float” as she shows her room. In his new school, he introduces himself as the new toy, as he joins half the term, and joins quickly with the lovely Jessica Stanley played by Anna Kendrick (his smile is enough to illuminate any room).

While Bella moves into her new environment, she meets friends she met when she was younger and stayed with her father, including the charming Billy Black played by Gil Birmingham (Body and Soul), a funny scene where Bella’s father she buys an old vehicle for herself, at first, Bella considers it a useless rubbish, but then realizes the potential it could have, and can not wait to prove it, while Billy Black mentions Charlie “I” down with the kids ” .

After a few days at his new school, he sees the Cullens, and has a particular envy of Edward Cullen played wonderfully by Robert Pattison (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix). There is a scene of particular charm when they meet for the first time in a lab of the class, many anxious teenagers will identify themselves, they will have to get along even if they are a bit embarrassed, this The particular scene of their first meeting is one of the main reasons why which many teenagers identify with her.

She discovers that there are rumors about the Cullens, and her curiosity wins, with unexpected consequences.

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