Dance – The answer to the question “Core”


The basic training took place long before the word “fitness” reaches its popularity and its current state. And the word that was in its ancient form was to dance.

As for exercise, we all try to be attentive to our routines, especially in the central area. Today, there is more scientific evidence to support by which we must work the base muscles, the way we should do and with what weights, balls, bands, cables, videos, magazine articles, photographs, clothing and everything The rest to help us. But it really does not have to be complicated.

Dancers have long known the benefits of not just basic education, but as an added benefit, aerobic exercises, plyometric exercises, flexibility and strength.

Just attend any modern version of the Nutcracker, Romeo and Juliet or Swan Lake to observe base strength in action. Balances of pointes and stockings tips for men and women; Sugar Plum Fairies, swans and lovers bred by their princely men whose abs hardened to rival more than their adorable female counterparts whose main feeding keeps them not only alert but seeing the elasticity of the feet glued to the ear; The jumps, folds, dives, twists and lift legs of all kinds, all running downtown. The resistance factor alone represents these athletes from all others, because the movements of a ballet dancer are intense and precise at a very high level.

Los Angeles choreographer and former member of BalletMet, Ohio, Michael Cornell, likes to describe it as an independent Pilates ballet. If you have taken a ballet class, you immediately realize that this is the core. You can not help improve your position of strength and base if you take the ballet a few times a week.

Nike has promoted dance through some of her popular videos uploaded by YouTube hopper hip power woman, Sofia Boutella, dance battles between ballerinas and hip hoppers and the Nike dance line for women. Ballet Technique Course Barre ballet classes Bootie yoga, pilates exercises / dance and all kinds of other out-of-session appear everywhere in all forms. Obviously, everyone is back in the dance car far beyond the days of the original flash dance and fame has been restored.

But the other real benefits of dance are fun, no time, no time, everyone can do it, stress reduction, weight loss and body elongation factors. Weak jump to the first class of their own, we have danced a lifetime, and for the first time, dance is an experience that integrates core with ease and perfection without costly or needs more space storage devices in the home or the monotony of gymnastics.

Finally, the dance makes you smart. According to the latest Scientific American articles, developing core muscles and having to deal mentally, the body develops its own body-brain intelligence and a level of consciousness in space and coordination in three dimensions. A double benefit for the home and cognitive functioning.

In itself, dance is a perfect balance of intelligence, physical strength, ease and fun for all. In response to the basic question of fitness, it is the same reason to choose the old-school simplicity of modern training problems.

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