Dance your way to health

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Dance can be very purifying because it releases stagnant energy in the body. The emotional state is modified by the physical movement of the body with beats and rhythms of music. Dancing can come out of a depression as the body is flooded with endorphins. It is a natural stimulant that you dance along with a partner can give. It is not only an emotional high, but also a social one. Social dance out is equivalent to leaving the house and meeting other people who share the same interest, namely the dance couple. Studies have shown that animals as well as, private human touch built a small number of neurons in the brain of their connection, so it is good to have people connect to you. The feeling of connection is very important. If we lose our connection with other human beings, we are likely to miss valuable life lessons. Learning from others’ mistakes, for example, can cost you years of work and unnecessary hardship. So get out, physical and social violence with dance.

Dancing physics is amazing for body posture. Ballroom dancing styles like Waltz, Bolero, Foxtrot, Quickstep and Tango and do not forget the Viennese Waltz are perfect for people who develop poor postures. These dance styles combined with careful practice, persistence and a little knowledge can make the posture of any dancer lift more by strengthening and lengthening many parts of the body. Dancers tend to straighten and strengthen their back; Legs, arms and body tasks become well toned and what’s more, they built muscle groups giving them not only the ability to act quickly, but also to carry out uncontrolled movements. Dance intentionally develops a well rounded body with enough muscle to burn fat fast and consistent and continuous, even during sleep. This makes the dancers feel strong and fit their bodies. Dancing a wide variety of dance partners in any of the dance floor, Latin and Latin-style street dance could develop body strength, body control, endurance, flexibility and dexterity. Learning how to dance and use these skills on the dance floor has the advantage of being slim while giving you hours of fun.

So far, the emotional, physical and mental benefits of dance have been mentioned, but what about the soul? While dancing, the world of work or problems do not tend to occupy the mind. It almost seems that they do not exist for these periods of learning to dance. Dance can be seen as a meditation with all its benefits attached. Focusing the mind on the actions of the couple, such as how to respond or to learn to move the body controlled and accurate can be very gratifying and satisfying. Music itself acts as a balm for the soul. There is some healing through their immersion in the wonderful melodies of different styles and musical rhythms. Dancing with the melodies and rhythms of music that can be put into a state of euphoria when harmoniously combined. Find this harmony between movement and melody, rhythms is not always easy at first, but the good news is that you can learn. You may experience either accidentally unconsciously, not knowing how to re-create it or can bring it to your consciousness and be able to recreate it by will. A good dance instructor will help you on your way to the awareness of your being and thus an excellent state of health throughout your being. Your soul will thank you.

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