Dancing to the rhythm of life


Do you see life as a constant struggle? A struggle with money, work, relationships, weight loss, addictions … Life does not have to be a struggle. Life can be a dance if you wish. Stop fighting. Come on. Follow the music. Dancing to the beat.

The more you think you can barely make ends meet, the more you will find yourself in the situation, no doubt. Do not resist. When you think of the lack of money, the money you wanted to say and say, “Okay, your wish is my command.” Since I am not welcome, I will make myself meager. Money as your friend Keeping thoughts of love about money Imagine that you are happy surrounded by friends so loving Ask how you can do this Be quiet Listen well The answer can not come immediately It’s good Keep on using Thoughts of love with you The answer may come to you in other ways Maybe a friend who informs you of a job offer Or you go through a place and suddenly you know what you can do to attract more friends Lovers in your life. Or is it perhaps you through an article that contains everything you need to listen.

Whatever the situation is, if you find it a struggle, it is time to stop following in the same direction. It is easier to dance to fight. Come on. Feel. Follow the music. Dancing to the beat. Relax and enjoy all your movements. Do not bother about how others dance. If you miss a step, that’s fine. No big deal. All part of the fun. If it falls on the ground as well, it may hurt a bit, but be a sport. Pick yourself and keep dancing. Sometimes the pace of play can change. From waltz to rock and roll. Be flexible. Accept the change. Sometimes the music can stop. But to continue. Just keep dancing with the music in your heart.

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