Donations Guide to Iron Man Movie Action Figures

One of the biggest films of 2008 is the mega-blockbuster Iron Man, starring Robert Downey Jr. Now, unless you grew up as a fan of the comics, there is a good chance that you are not familiar with this type . Well, it’s a comic book heroes of Marvel Comics and has been around since the 60s Maybe you’ve heard of her most popular colleagues Spiderman, Hulk and Wolverine. And maybe Captain America.

So maybe you’re familiar with the song Black Sabbath Iron Man. A very catchy song, but this song is not about superhero comics either.

So far this year, perhaps his grandson, nephew or son is seduced by the film and want a figure of Iron Man action movie. Maybe she went shopping online or in stores and discovered that there are different versions of this toy. Probably not a good idea to buy them all. So here’s the skinny on the variances of the Iron Man.


Rouge et Or Mark 03 Armor. This is the standard armor of Iron Man. It is also its most popular version. In the film, the Mark III armor that Tony Stark was using when he fought the main villain, Iron Monger. If you buy a gift, it is the safest and probably all you need to know. Future versions are for discerning tastes. Perhaps for collectors or if you think your grandson, nephew or son should be higher. There is a line of Iron Man Mark 03 model labeled Repulsor Power. This is because the repulsor ray that thrives on Iron Man gloves palm.

02 Mark Silver Armor. In the film, the Mark II armor Tony Stark built his first return from captivity as a hostage. This is the one that froze in the air during flight in the stratosphere. It’s nothing special. In fact, it is soft like a toy. However, do not confuse the armor Iron Man Mark 2 Warmachine metallic silver armor worn by Tony’s friend Jim Rhodes.

01 Mark Gray Metallic Armor. After the Rouge et Or, may be the next popular Iron Man suit. Armor Mark I is the first of Tony wore armor as Iron Man. This is the one built in captivity.

Hulk Buster Armor. This armor is not in the movie. It is from a comic Iron Man # 305. But for many, this is the most interesting and exciting. In the comics, Iron Man often crosses path with Hulk. In one of the epic series, Tony Stark is the Hulkbuster armor to combat peer-to-Hulk. Hulk vs Iron Man is something that fans expect to see on the big screen.

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