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In the heart of the sea: an adventure movie “must see”

The film has a great historical plot, but the wrong action and management almost drowned the ship. This movie definitely needs a major actor, or at least a notable director; Both could have been avoided. The movie begins with a lot of Hoo-ha that makes the audience feel like it’s not a simple storyline. But […]

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See Thriller Movies

Thrillers, unlike other common genera have a potent effect to be able to influence our brain. It works in a way that watching these films can slowly planting a single logical in our minds that enhances our ability to think smarter. From a scientific standpoint, films like detective, murder or adventure can really improve the […]

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Top 3 adventure, you should see

Watching a great movie adventure may be the cure for almost everything. With great action scenes and many stunning graphics, adventure movies are among the biggest box-office year after year. Here are three adventure movies you should see. Steel man Henry Cavill stars in the title role in this reboot of the original series Superman […]