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Best zombie movie

Best Zombie Movies

If you are looking for the best zombie movies available, I saved you the trouble of tracking. The following five films are as good as it gets, no matter if the undead are offered on beer or sprinting. Before you can call a true fan of zombie movies, you have to see everyone. Dawn of […]

Best Movies with Joe Pesci

Where to even start working on Joe Pesci. The man is one of the most mysterious players around. This native of Newark, New Jersey a break of eight years it took to perform the years 1998-2006, only to record video, then take another break of four years. Apparently Pesci is in place in your life […]

The best action movies have in common

Action movies are one of the most popular genres for Hollywood studios. Although sometimes expensive to do, if done well, but they all guarantee large numbers at the box office. I always find it amazing that so bad action movies still get the green light when the recipe for a good action movie is pretty […]

The young poisoner Guide – Best Picture to remember

We saw The Manual way the young poisoner back when it is open to the Angelika theater in 1995 , and was a pleasant experience. We had just moved to New York and see all the independent films as we could. Interestingly , when I took friends to see , some were a little uncomfortable […]

The best Kung Fu movies – thousands to choose from !

Kung Fu movie genre is one of the largest movie genres of all time . China , including Hong Kong led the way and held the leaders to make the best kung -fu . So what makes a classic martial arts movie ? Let’s take a look. The thing about martial arts films is that […]

The best film schools in the country

San Jose , the third largest city in California, was once the state capital in 1800. Today, the heart of Silicon Valley, is a dynamic and productive metropolis at the forefront of scientific developments. Interestingly, if you are an animal lover , you should in all probability realize that San Jose does not allow more […]