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Rockin ‘Party School Dancing!

Everyone is a star at a high school musical dance party! With the third installment of the HSM series reaching the end of summer 2008, this event will definitely be a great success! Invitations: Purchase theme invitations or make your own tickets or passes behind the scenes by visiting the website and choosing the […]


Dancing to the rhythm of life

Do you see life as a constant struggle? A struggle with money, work, relationships, weight loss, addictions … Life does not have to be a struggle. Life can be a dance if you wish. Stop fighting. Come on. Follow the music. Dancing to the beat. The more you think you can barely make ends meet, […]

San Carlos California dance studios teach the best Learn Dancing

Learning to dance boosts self confidence, helps us to get in shape, and fetches us popularity and the best way to learn dancing is by practicing the steps and moves. Throughout the ages, experts have recommended dancing as the best way to be in shape and carry on a sharp mind. Beginners can avail dance […]