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Chris Hemsworth

Of Thor Chris Hemsworth brings the clever film Superhero

Thor was one of the silent films in the marketing part of the 2011 Summer Bonanza, so expectations were not as important to the Marvel movie, but they just became a jaw-dropper. Many viewers expect a lot, which made the experience much more enjoyable. By the Kenneth Branaugh sense why many wonder why. When you […]

Asian Horror

Mr. Vampire Asian horror film should see

Before Buffy against vampires, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, True Blood and Twilight, of course, took our small and large screens, vampires public thought, especially the horrible image has deeply to life by the late Sir Christopher Lee as Count Dracula with bloodshot eyes and fangs of fear rather than the modern version of teen […]

Dramatic First Trailer

43 film gives more than expected

I’m usually pretty easy to comedies. All I wanna do is laugh and have a good time – that is essentially what comedy is supposed to do, right? 43 film seemed to have that element of silly fun tend to appreciate, so I thought “why not? Let’s give it a try. Who cares if […]

Action Figures Film

Figures film are easier to find than other types of adult toys that most people consider for your collection. The collection of these items is not really only one thing children. In fact, most adults are picking their favorite characters from films made in small replicas. Figurines of characters in the film are extensive marketing […]

Writing a novel scenes, screenwriting, film and bar

Writing a novel, video scripts, and the bar of a movie are entertaining. Writing a novel based on existing movie script is not the most common approach writers choose to take. It goes against the way it normally works. Many entertainment novels have been adapted for the screen by screenwriters. Sometimes it works and other […]

Old Indian Film Music

Indian film music has its essential place in Indian society . Film music is so popular that different age groups in indigenous communities as they listen . The period between late 1940 and 1960 are considered the ” Golden Age” of Hindi cinema by film critics and historians. Some of the films in Hindi and […]

The best film schools in the country

San Jose , the third largest city in California, was once the state capital in 1800. Today, the heart of Silicon Valley, is a dynamic and productive metropolis at the forefront of scientific developments. Interestingly, if you are an animal lover , you should in all probability realize that San Jose does not allow more […]

Movie Review – “Lady Chatterley ” A passionate visual feast , a film to savor

Co -author and passionate Director Pascale Ferran visual feast on a whirlwind affair between an aristocrat and her gamekeeper husband is a movie to enjoy. This transformation sensitive and delicate scandalous book of DH Lawrence is a declaration of love and joyful journey you must travel reborn broken lives . Located in the Midlands of […]

Change silent comedy in film – Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin

During the 1910s , a popular comedy shorts preceded most valued characteristics . In the 1920s , however , the comedy became a mass species observed lengths background with stars like Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. The silent film , only by reference to its title, suggests physical dependence burlesque action – comedians. But that […]

Actors and actresses have many functions

Actors and actresses are people who work in the television drama or comedy productions, film, radio and theater. Actor word was originally derived from a Greek word meaning “play.” In the first stage, all functions, including the female characters were played by male actors. A Greek artist named Thespis is widely believed to be the […]