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Films – The art of visual storytelling

When the movie Jungle Book published a few months ago, The Guardian wrote in his review that “digital animation previous meeting narrative hyper-real. Many wondered how was again an old classic Walt Disney since the mid-1960s was undoubtedly a brilliant musical masterpiece. Rudyard Kipling tale of a child of the forest that grows in the […]

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Best Hollywood movie channels

These days, English movie channels are wasting a lot of money on its content, because it is what keeps viewers glued to their TV sets. Ultimately, it comes down to what is normally displayed with them. Today, the environment responds to each viewer, whatever their tastes and choice of movies they see. The most popular […]

Five great films geek with the difference that everyone can enjoy

Geeks and movies go together like Han and Chewie , but there is a widespread belief that what we are in our films is spaceships, monsters and people in spandex with hair that is not bad misconception. If this is true to some extent , there is much more geek movies blockbusters and crazy kids […]

This is a wonderful movie date – Six great films for the holidays

During the holiday season , studios release their big releases of family movies and classic television networks handle traditional comforters of old. But who said that vacations are strictly for curling up with the kids for a family film and kisses Aunt Mildred neighborhood after having had a little too strong eggnog ? This season […]