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Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Of course, X-Men Franchise 20th Century Fox “(including benefits) sagged a bit in the output quality from the leadership roles after Bryan Singer X-Men 2. Some have been good enough (Wolverine) and other 2,003 … not so much (X-Men: the last Stand). so much so that a reset “soft” in the form of X-Men Matthew […]

Dramatic First Trailer

43 film gives more than expected

I’m usually pretty easy to comedies. All I wanna do is laugh and have a good time – that is essentially what comedy is supposed to do, right? 43 film seemed to have that element of silly fun tend to appreciate, so I thought “why not? Let’s give it a try. Who cares if […]

Top 5 Hollywood celebrities over 39

Women over 39 hardly look beautiful and sexy, but again, Hollywood is never short of timeless beauties and hot actresses. But, even then Hot celebrities over 39 are a rare catch. However, again as mentioned above, there Hollywood timeless beauty. Top 5 Hollywood celebrities over 39 are: Jennifer Aniston Aka Jennifer Aniston “Rachel Green”, one […]