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Hip-Hop Dance

Cardiovascular Exercise Be Boring Again With A Hip Hop Dance Workout

Get those pounds of more movement and exercise your heart, too, with a hip hop training music. We feel like exercising instead of dreading. Adding fast paced music to a fitness program makes it more fun. It may also mean that you exercise more regularly. Dance for cardiovascular fitness can even become one of your […]


Parents Alt Hip Hop – Outkast

OutKast is a hip hop duo alt America, Atlanta, Georgia, formed in 1992. The duo was formed by the hip hoppers based in Atlanta, Andre Benjamin (Andre 3000) and Antwan Patton (Big Boi). OutKast originally went by the name “Two deep tones,” but then chose the name of OutKast. His original musical style was a […]

What trap music?

If you followed the artists like Young Jeezy , TI, and Gucci Mane, who has heard the term ” trap ” used often. Whether on the track Young Jeezy “Trap or Die ” , sophomore ablum year IT ” Muzik Trap ” or on the mixtape Gucci Mane “Trap God ,” the word “trap” has […]