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Music stories for Visual Arts

Among the many ways that music can improve the experience of visual art are suggesting a narrative. The musical story is described, either by sound effects or subtle devices marked with an increase in time. We can learn about events or conditions that lead to when painting. Sometimes the music gives us clues about the […]

The way we hear music today

1. vinyl as art The artist Christian Marclay currently has an exhibition at London gallery White Cube Bermondsey. Marclay works with her and image, and much of his work is the relationship between the two. Part of the White Cube exhibition is collected with a performance space for musicians and vinyl pressing machine – the […]

play guitar

Best way to play the guitar happy birthday

Many simple and fun are easy to learn songs on guitar. Here are some simple steps to learn happy birthday in a rope. Playing notes To learn the song this way, you will not learn the notes you play, but the number of frets. With your right hand pull the first string (thinnest) with the […]

Old Indian Film Music

Indian film music has its essential place in Indian society . Film music is so popular that different age groups in indigenous communities as they listen . The period between late 1940 and 1960 are considered the ” Golden Age” of Hindi cinema by film critics and historians. Some of the films in Hindi and […]

Music Schools

Many people who love music in general, to pursue a career in music, even when they have no skills as performers. There are many opportunities in the field of music, and production. Indianapolis Music Schools are a great way to get the training you want to start in one of these brilliant opportunities. Of course, […]

Top Three Songs Blues Music Instrumental

What are the best tracks of instrumental blues music? This is a great question. Blues and lyrics go together, but what if you just want the blues without all the words? With this question in mind I set out to find the best instrumental musical landscape buried in the blues. Here is my list of […]

Advantages of Instrumental Music

Music is a very important part of life and culture of a country. People listen to music while doing something very common as doing the dishes or cleaning the house, and also on special occasions like weddings and birthday parties. Movies or TV shows will not be the same without music. Even political campaigns and […]

The 60’s v The 70’s – Who Had Better Music?

The 60’s and 70’s produced some of the best music ever created. Due to the political and social situations around the world and the rapid development of music and music technology at that time, music groups became megastars and helped shape society as a whole. The big question is: which decade produced the best music? […]