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Famous poems that were made into songs by popular artists

Although I have taught English in high school, the subject of literature will rarely happen when I met my top friends there. As soccer coaches, most of our discussions focused on this particular sport or another, which are very popular in our culture. One of the two physical education teachers in our coaching staff came […]

The best songs of Los Angeles at night

You can order any party animal where exceptional experienced party all night, and your answers should be one or two clubs in the lively and spectacular neighborhood of Los Angeles. One of the world’s entertainment capital, Los Angeles is home to the best bars and clubs for all tastes, sounds and alcohol. Bars that are […]

Top Three Songs Blues Music Instrumental

What are the best tracks of instrumental blues music? This is a great question. Blues and lyrics go together, but what if you just want the blues without all the words? With this question in mind I set out to find the best instrumental musical landscape buried in the blues. Here is my list of […]