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Sexiest Celebrity

Scarlett Johansson – No buns in the ovens

Scarlett Johansson, who has been called “Sexier Sexy Woman” and “Sexiest Celebrity” in recent years, does not intend to be overthrown. Actress Lost in Translation took actor Ryan Reynolds to a clandestine ceremony last September. Despite the seeming hastiness of her decision to tie the knot, Johansson says she is too young to start making […]

gwyneth paltrow iron man

Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlett Johansson or Natalie Portman and Jaimie Alexander?

After the incredible number of views I received yesterday from my Scarlett Johansson as a black widow, I decided to see what Iron Man 1/2 and the movie Thor have the best success with female characters. If this were based exclusively on comics, the decision would easily be for the black widow of Iron Man, […]

Scarlett Johansson

Was Scarlett Johansson the right choice to play the black widow?

Iron Man 2 had fundamental flaws. It was full of different stories of intrigue and drifts from references to the upcoming Avengers movie in 2012. One of the biggest flaws was that aside from the main character Tony Stark, the rest of the cast fell a bit flat. The worst case was the character of […]

Rocket Science

Review of the movie – “Rocket Science”

An emotional and sincere drama, “Rocket Science,” shows that life is more than an exact science. This nervous film, with its spiritual writing and its reflective theme celebrates the determination of a high school student who tries to overcome his impediment in speaking to. The new Reece Thompson portrays Hal Hefner, a 15-year-old with a […]

Mark Kassen

Mark Kassen and Chris Evans star in film piercing

Pierce’s film is scheduled to arrive quickly on the big screen, and will star Chris Evans and Mark Kassen. Although most of us have already seen Chris’s work before, this could be the first time he has had the opportunity to see the brand in a big dynamic role. In fact, Chris Evans plays the […]

adventure movie

In the heart of the sea: an adventure movie “must see”

The film has a great historical plot, but the wrong action and management almost drowned the ship. This movie definitely needs a major actor, or at least a notable director; Both could have been avoided. The movie begins with a lot of Hoo-ha that makes the audience feel like it’s not a simple storyline. But […]

dark fire

A Dark Fire Forged by Chris Evans

“It’s not the heat, it’s stupidity.” -Private Yimt Arkhorn, “A Dark Wrought in the Fire” Arkhorn’s private statement perfectly reflects the spirit of Chris Evans’s new novel “A Dark Forged in Fire.” The book is essentially the fantasy novel equivalent to talk of time, functional speech, but it is not fun to end. (I apologize […]

James Cameron

Top 10 Hollywood Movies of the Highest Level

Hollywood movies are seen by many people, not only in the United States, but also around the world. Aside from the superb advanced effects incorporated into movies, history is also something that moviegoers around the world are passionate about. In this regard, here are the newest and most successful of the top 10 Hollywood movies […]

The Huntsman

Snow White and the Huntsman Movie Review

If you’re not familiar with my movie reviews, here’s how it works: I’ll check out the latest movie that everyone talks about, drink a surprising amount of diet soda and then share their comments, looking a lot like things to do permissions , While trying to find a balance with the positive highlights. Welcome. We […]

Chris Hemsworth

Of Thor Chris Hemsworth brings the clever film Superhero

Thor was one of the silent films in the marketing part of the 2011 Summer Bonanza, so expectations were not as important to the Marvel movie, but they just became a jaw-dropper. Many viewers expect a lot, which made the experience much more enjoyable. By the Kenneth Branaugh sense why many wonder why. When you […]