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Snowdonia For lovers of music

Performing and enjoying music is a big part of Welsh culture. With the secular traditions of harp, song, poetry and folk music it remains a part of modern Welsh culture – you hear all this and more to special cultural festivals called “Eisteddfodau” (plural of “Eisteddfod”) held at Local and national level throughout the year […]


Dancing to the rhythm of life

Do you see life as a constant struggle? A struggle with money, work, relationships, weight loss, addictions … Life does not have to be a struggle. Life can be a dance if you wish. Stop fighting. Come on. Follow the music. Dancing to the beat. The more you think you can barely make ends meet, […]

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The best dance schools for you

Many couples have started taking dance lessons together these days. This makes for a fun activity for couples that dancing is a fun way to stay in shape and have fun. There are a number of institutions and dance schools that give dance classes to Sarasota. These institutions have trained professionals who make learning as […]

the power of singing

Embrace the power of singing and music

Embrace the power of singing and music. There are many ways to learn to speak – and singing and music are one of those ways. If you write music or sing or play a musical instrument, you can change not only your life but the lives of those around you. Learning to play a musical […]


Find discos Detroit

Detroit Nightclubs are the perfect choice for you if you are into dancing and evening entertainment. Detroit was the center of many musical innovation in recent years (especially techno), and even if you are not into dancing, there are many types of informal clubs where it is good to sit and enjoy the atmosphere. Many […]

Dance as an exercise

Dance as an exercise

The benefits of dance are well known to all. For many people, dance is an exciting subject. Dancing for most of them is a form of recreation. The channels that dance opens for individual expression are endless. There are intelligent beings who turn their passion for dance into a way to generate income. However, many […]

fitness with dance

Improve your fitness with dance

Dance is one of the best ways to improve your health and fitness. Improve your lifestyle in many ways. During choreography and music, dancing is a combination of physical work, social interaction and mental stimulation. When you are involved in dance; Whether it’s the ballroom, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, belly dance or dance to take advantage […]

Get more for your money Dance

Almost every dancer was in a dance class. And go to dance classes on a regular basis to practice their dance. If you go to dance classes regularly, the cost can add up over a week so obviously want to get the most for your money. The solution is not to cut quality. Want to […]


If you go to dance classes?

There are so many dance classes to choose from, how can you decide what kind of dance is for you? If you go to dance classes popular with many people? It may be tempting to choose popular dance classes. After all, if many people go to them, they must be good right? Well, usually they […]

Forum The Borg dance Tango Argentino?

Women in the two active coffee turning his “mobile” without speaking, while waiting in line with others. I thought, with whom and how it is connected, and it would even be interested in learning [I am a teacher] Argentine tango? A big question: why would someone so simplistic and ubiquitous connected with “The Collective” be […]