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Tips for getting a great singer for your event

Review your options Spend time that is available in your area. You want to check your options so you can get very good results. You want to hire a singer for a party that can do a great job. Think of the music you want to share. Are they open to carry out their own […]


6 types of music that need to know

There are thousands of different types of music that have different characteristics. Different types include: Blues They came from African-American work songs. The songs are characterized by simple and unique designs. The first blues song was published in 1912 and was written by Hart Wand. Before the 1940s, blues music was played off, but with […]

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Five bands whose last album was the best

The term Swan Song, a metaphor for a gesture or a final effort, is often used when the year comes to an end. It was actually a few months before New Year’s in October when veteran Boston batter named David Ortiz enjoyed his swan singing to play his final season with the Red Sox against […]

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New albums to consider in 2017

The world of music lost many popular artists in the year 2016, most recently George Michael. The British singer, who gained fame in the duo Wham died on Christmas Day, adding to a list that includes Obituary David Bowie, Prince, Glenn Frey, Keith Emerson and Greg Lake. Despite these passages, the year was able to […]

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Top Fifteen albums from All ’16Top Albums

In the world of music, for the year 2016 began with sadness. At the beginning of the second week of January, David Bowie died a few days after his 69th birthday. The disappearance of other rock icons soon followed, as we lost Glenn Frey from the Eagles and Dale “Buffin” Griffin this month. Before the […]

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Famous poems that were made into songs by popular artists

Although I have taught English in high school, the subject of literature will rarely happen when I met my top friends there. As soccer coaches, most of our discussions focused on this particular sport or another, which are very popular in our culture. One of the two physical education teachers in our coaching staff came […]

In the full range of speakers, low frequency sound, phase and coherence Goosebumps

When we say full-range speakers, we mean truly unique range speaker drivers. For one, the speakers containing several drive units may well be together. Second, the range must be defined as a certain range than full, since no speaker covers all frequencies. So for the purposes of this article, we will define as the full […]

Lovers who can not move: List of songs in tribute to Percy Sledge Heartache

Singer Percy Sledge died last week, an event that evokes memories of one of the best songs from a loving heart broken forever. He may be marked forever as a wonder Sled one stroke, but “When a Man Loves a Woman” is undoubtedly a success that deserves to be known. “This gentle soul, eternally devoted […]

Fusion Jazz Guitar Solos – Larry Carlton is one of the best!

Larry Carlton was born March 2, 1948 in Torrance, California and began playing guitar at 6. He quickly developed a strong interest for jazz guitar at an early age and was influenced by jazz greats as Barney Kessel, Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery and John Coltrane. As I progressed in their teens Carlton was influenced by […]

Music Title last appearing on their albums

Next month marks the 50th anniversary of the genre known as folk-rock, for her and in June 1965, when the Byrds released their first album met. Titled after its coverage of the popular folk song photographed Bob Dylan Mr. Tambourine Man also introduced three versions electrified Dylan compositions. The album also started another trend, starting […]