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Ending Madness Guitar Master and make a great income in their business education

Albert Einstein uttered the famous phrase: “Insanity is doing the same exact time and again, waiting to very different results” This is very useful for guitar teachers, because. that’s how most of them think when he just won a guitar lesson teaching life … and this is the fundamental reason why it will not become […]

5 ways to make money in music and pay bills

The music industry is very competitive and very few people are capable of doing something great in it. If you ever wanted to make money in the music here are some of the ways you can do: Sell ​​Online Many people use programs like Rhapsody, Mp3, iTunes, eMusic and many others to play music. You […]

Cool Jazz Guitar Play – Jim Hall was above the crowd!

Jim Hall was born December 4, 1930 in Buffalo, New York and in his youth he was surrounded by music. His grandfather played the violin, his mother on piano, guitar and uncle. It was his uncle who convinced Hall to pick up the guitar at the age of 10. His talent soon became apparent and […]

Eric Clapton: As a singer, songwriter and musician, he succeeds Because it uses the Golden Rule

As a guitarist Eric Clapton studied his craft without a break. He started playing an acoustic guitar as a teenager and practiced long hours to learn chords of blues playing records. He kept his workouts on a tape recorder to listen to the coil to again and again until he felt was right. In sixteen […]

Superficial expectations of Music and Art

Some people mistakenly believe that the only purpose of music is to either joy or relax people. This is a rather superficial and silly music and art in general error. It is often said that art and music feeds the soul. Right. But he is living that creates food, unsweetened. Humans, by nature, have a […]

Hard Bop Jazz Guitar – Robert Conti

Jazz guitarist Robert Conti was born November 21, 1945 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He first started taking guitar lessons learn one-on-one Joe Sgro, who was a local guitar virtuoso. During his teenage years Conti played each night with a variety of groups, while spending their summer seasons on the road. After graduating from high school, Conti […]

My take on Bob Dylan Quotes

You know, these two types of people who are in the world? Well, when it comes to Bob Dylan, I’m the type “love.” I’ve always been a fan, and his music was very influential on my own. I am also a fan of the way he walks his way. Expectations are out there if you […]

Music stories for Visual Arts

Among the many ways that music can improve the experience of visual art are suggesting a narrative. The musical story is described, either by sound effects or subtle devices marked with an increase in time. We can learn about events or conditions that lead to when painting. Sometimes the music gives us clues about the […]

Music plays and comedy shows – nourishing for the hungry soul

“The key is to excite viewers If that means playing Hamlet on a trapeze or in an aquarium, it does ..” – Orson Welles Humans have always yearned entertainment, all forms of it. The Greeks were engaged in plays. For them it was a form of catharsis, the purification of the emotions and release all […]

The way we hear music today

1. vinyl as art The artist Christian Marclay currently has an exhibition at London gallery White Cube Bermondsey. Marclay works with her and image, and much of his work is the relationship between the two. Part of the White Cube exhibition is collected with a performance space for musicians and vinyl pressing machine – the […]