Every movie has a meaning

All movie buffs know how to make movies a specific point or contain hidden messages inside them. Each is usually on the basis of good verses evil. However, there are other important messages hidden in movies too.

Things like a child who struggles with the fact that survived an attack on himself and his mother and father when he was a child. It also deals with the fact that in turn may have been partly damaged by the villain who attacked them. Yes, Harry Potter has many moral standards he is in his films.

Narnia teaches lessons and learn everything there is to know about growing. Also, have you ever noticed the lion went through the same things Jesus did before the crucifixion? The lion also has the power to make things happen and that can restore body parts too. These are all messages from people discover. Lewis was a Christian writer brilliant result, since he would base his books to humans should follow good manners.

There are movies that teach adults about doing the right thing, even if it is revenge or prejudice of doing things. They are very common films.

Action Movies seek thrill and amaze viewers die hard films are excellent examples of this and teach right from wrong too. I loved every one of them can not wait for the next.

Then there are the films that do not seem to have points or direction but keep you guessing and wanting more as life after the ghostly and movies. These are interesting and make people wonder “what if” love those too.

Movies old western movies were and are a favorite of many. Filmmakers are still some of them occasionally all these lessons have meaning within them tour. Unfortunately, there are not many left old cowboys who can sit a horse like Wayne and Stewart could act or property, besides being able to ride. There are a few left so hopefully, that will bring back the westerns.

New ideals movies keep coming daily with new and different meanings to stimulate the human brain. Keep it coming, we love them all, no film was ever that was bad.

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