Gwyneth Paltrow : actress and singer

The September 27, 1972 , Gwyneth Paltrow Kate born into the world in Los Angeles, California. The girl was the oldest of Blythe Danner and Bruce Paltrow, and the couple had a boy named Jake few years later. Small Gwyneth was born in an artistic family , with mother Blythe winning a Tony Award for her role . His father, Bruce was a film and television producer who was famous for prolific shows as ” St. Elsewhere” and “White Shadow” .

Having grown up in the entertainment industry , not surprisingly, both Gwyneth and Jake ended up in the same class as their parents , and very similar to starting roles. Jake would become a director like his father , while Gwyneth become an actor like his mother. Family delighted with his artistic activities , both Bruce Blythe and with great pride in the career choices of their children.

Gwyneth first entered the world of acting in 1991 when she was not quite twenty . She had a small supporting role musical drama ” Shout” , which featured John Travolta and actress up- and-coming Heather Graham. That same year, she landed a small role in the movie star called “hook” , with actors like Dustin Hoffman, Robin Williams and Julia Roberts.

He worked for several years in small roles , including roles in several television movies and several rounds of support films with big stars such as ” Malice ” with Alec Baldwin and ” Flesh and Bone” with Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid. In 1995 , he obtained a large enough in ” Jefferson in Paris”, which started a series of films where he finally began to receive notice paper casting directors . It was the first of many great works that the trajectory of his career began.

After ” Jefferson in Paris”, which was released in the gruesome crime drama ” Se7en ” with Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt , who promised to become later, even if the couple finally broke down and never made the altar. Her next role was head of the ” sliding doors ” which she followed with another leader of ” Great Expectations ” with Ethan Hawke. His star has been rising steadily , with moviegoers finally recognize his name .

All initial success pales in comparison to what happened next . She was chosen by Joseph Fiennes in the huge international hit ” Shakespeare in Love” , which earned nominations for several awards . She would win the greatest of all the Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role . Suddenly the woman just a popular actress in a movie star , becoming a household name a little less than a decade after its initial role in ” Shout ” went .

Gwyneth ‘s personal life was not so tight that her professional life when she won her Oscar . At the time of his big win , which was in the midst of a relationship over again with actor Ben Affleck. They broke things for good in 2000 after working in the drama ” Bounce” , which was cast as love interests to each other . She was only two years later, until he was invited to go backstage at Coldplay concert in 2002. I was introduced to the singer of the British band super , a man named Chris Martin . Both were fond of each other and began dating shortly after the meeting .

A year after the meeting , Gwyneth got pregnant the first child of the couple. Soon they were married in a very private in a hotel room in California ceremony on December 5, 2003 . Six months later, she gave birth to her daughter Apple Blythe Allison Martin in London where he moved to be with her ​​husband. Two years later , the couple had a son, they named Moses Bruce Anthony Martin .

Gwyneth ‘s career declined considerably after her first pregnancy. She has officially stated that it could not work for centuries , because she loved being a mother and did not want to hire a nanny to care for your child like most actresses have done. After becoming a mother , however , acted in several more films – mostly in supporting roles , including the 2008 hit “Iron Man ,” where she played Pepper Potts , Secretary Robert Downey Jr. lead Later , she appeared in two sequels to the film and “The Avengers ,” but his role in this film was quite small . During this time, she also made ​​several appearances on television, including a recurring role on the song “Glee ,” for which she won an Emmy Award .

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