Hot Hollywood Actress Celeste Thorson shines like a star

Actress Celeste Thorson came to fame when she began appearing in television commercials for companies such as Reebok commercial, Lady Footlocker, Sprint and Samsung. He beat thousands of girls, when she won the role of the sexy action star “Destination X” and filmed in the beautiful islands of Hawaii. She starred in two seasons full of all kinds of extreme adventures. In an episode Celeste jumped from a plane over the Pacific Ocean to fourteen thousand feet. In another episode, she filmed underwater diving and swimming with sharks. This is also when he began writing for thirteen episodes of “Destination X Hawaii” and “Destination X California”.

Celeste played in the movie “Nine Rooms” he burst onto the big screen for the Hollywood Film Festival. She played a smart girl who puts his career on fire truck and caught nothing, but a mysterious suitcase. Her sexy television appearance in the first half hit “How I Met Your Mother” left the audience wanting more. She revealed more comedy to the funny late night show “Jimmy Kimmel Live”. It went from a waiter in “Still Breathing” rocking Jill “Ceiling”. Few people know that Celeste had appeared on the Rolling Stones “Rain Fall Down” music video. In addition to continuing his career in film and television Celeste Thorson joins the “industry” as a writer and producer of thirteen episodes during the first season. Thorson originally wanted to be a political activist and philanthropist. As a teenager, he worked for notable charities like Save the Children and the Sierra Club. She still favors environmental causes and human rights on the Internet.

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