In the heart of the sea: an adventure movie “must see”

adventure movie

The film has a great historical plot, but the wrong action and management almost drowned the ship. This movie definitely needs a major actor, or at least a notable director; Both could have been avoided. The movie begins with a lot of Hoo-ha that makes the audience feel like it’s not a simple storyline. But as the film goes further, the audience begins to realize the simplicity of the plot. It takes a little patience.

History: Author Herman Melville visits Thomas Nickerson, the sole survivor of a great ship disaster in 1850. He tried to persuade Thomas to tell him that his story offered him money, but Thomas refused, perhaps because of the abomination last. Meanwhile, his wife arrives and convinces to tell his story for the sake of money, because they did not have much need.

Thomas tells his story from his youth when he joined the prestigious Essax whaling as a beginner. He was quite impressed by Owen Chase (Chris Hemsworth), the first officer, along with the captain. And Chase is the hero of the movie. He shows his energy, his mastery and skills in the ship and wins the hearts of his colleagues, but his captain Pollard. Pollard was sober and trying to maintain his authoritarian position. The boat is sailing away with emotions until they find the whales and start hunting for their lucrative oil. But there were not enough oil whales and their vessels were almost empty. They decide to go further into the sea despite warnings about giant whales. And this adventure is fatal, like a giant whale, as big as the ship chases and destroys its ship. Some sailors die, others survive on their ships. They are now at the bottom of the sea; They have no idea of ​​its location without maps or compass.

With little food and water in the sea, they are left to their fate. To stay alive, some decide to cannibalize the dead comrades. More days passed, they found their ships with skeletons and bodies sick and rescued by civilization. Meanwhile, the author connects with Thomas emotionally and shares his weaknesses as a writer and praises Thomas’s courage.

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