Lovers who can not move: List of songs in tribute to Percy Sledge Heartache

Singer Percy Sledge died last week, an event that evokes memories of one of the best songs from a loving heart broken forever. He may be marked forever as a wonder Sled one stroke, but “When a Man Loves a Woman” is undoubtedly a success that deserves to be known.
“This gentle soul, eternally devoted just been blinded by his wife, who had left broken, bleeding inside, and sleeping in the rain,” said Jerry Shriver US Today 04/15/15 luge death. “Never blame the guy for her desire, because, well, some enthusiasts have just given this kind of power over you.”
Here are ten songs that leave you sympathize with a lover who is unable to move after a real or imagined relationship.
“There is always something to remind me” Naked Eyes
80 This new indoor wave of Bacharach-David classic describes a guy who still frequent the places he and his past love enjoyed, could pathetically hoping to see her again.
“Photography” by Ringo Starr
Beatles drummer scored one of his greatest solo success with this piece of a type that clings to the image of the girl who does not love.

“The love that never was” by the minors
Heartbroken lover in this excellent song Cincinnati indie band spends his Saturdays alone in his room, “reading the cards and make lists of things I used to say.”
“Hackensack” Fountains Of Wayne
The child was in love with a girl in his class period grows even more when he becomes a famous actress, for whom he swears, “I will wait for the time that I have, and if ever again Hackensack, I be there for you. ”
“I saw a stranger with her hair” by John Gorka
Intelligent popular composer dotted with humor in this song of sorrow to a guy who sees his ex in almost every woman he meets on the street.
“He stopped loving Her Today” by George Jones
This country is a classic at its best as the man stops loving the girl when death finally and almost gratefully, just for him.
“Separate Ways” Travel
Steve Perry’s voice breathes rock sadness in this number essentially associated with the happy band, cheesy love ballads.
“Brandy” by Looking Glass
This is one of the few shots he described “a beautiful girl” as someone who longs for a lover, in this case, a sailor can never embrace.
“Holdin ‘On Yesterday” by Ambrosia
David Pack and Joe Puerta took this extremely talented group of this evocative corresponding tear on their first album.
“He’s gone” by Hall and Oates
Daryl Hall admits sadly in the last verse of the song that even if the city “beautiful organizations help dissolve memory could never be what it was for me.”

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