Michael Jackson and his impact on pop music

Before his death, it was decided that the concerts in early summer. One million tickets are bought in the early hours of the sale, even though it was far from his fans for nearly two decades. This is an indication that Jackson has many fans young and still enjoy your music. We do not know how he could keep all his fans who had a particular lifestyle, disturbing and strange.

Debut album “Thriller” in 1982 was a great success and more fans around the world saw the King of Pop. This album is considered one of the biggest selling albums. Many coupled with fun songs and videos contributed most to the success of the album. Without the video, the song would not have had the same effect on his fans. “Beat It” and “Billie Jean” was very remarkable songs at that time. The songs were loved by all and his military fashion style was strange and attractive. His fans were cooled by a clear voice.

In the video for “Thriller”, his dance moves were very smooth and was pivotal to the success of the music video.
The video and the album are masterpieces.

People liked his music and his album Thriller has opened the door to commercial success Michael Jackson. As a young singer, he called her fans with her beautiful voice, her charm and style of dance.

He had a great impact on pop music and can be considered as one of the most influential pop singers of this century.

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