Movie Review – “Lady Chatterley ” A passionate visual feast , a film to savor

Co -author and passionate Director Pascale Ferran visual feast on a whirlwind affair between an aristocrat and her gamekeeper husband is a movie to enjoy. This transformation sensitive and delicate scandalous book of DH Lawrence is a declaration of love and joyful journey you must travel reborn broken lives .

Located in the Midlands of England a few years after the First World War, the film opens with Sir Clifford Chatterley (Hippolyte Girardot ) and his friends talk about their battle experiences graphically horrible. It is a matter of debate indicate feeling. Then , ironically , Clifford , seats in a chair , lifted the wheelchair. A paralyzed veteran ( and super rich owner of a coal mine ) , who is paralyzed from the waist down and therefore powerless. His young wife , Lady Constance Chatterley (Marina Hands) nurses and bathroom, but quickly becomes depressed , worn by their tedious solitary days . The richness of his sister Hilda ( Helene Fillieres ) convinces her to go to the doctor . When he finds nothing physically wrong , suggests a change of scenery and becomes more active .

After much cajoling , Constance finally agreed to hire a full-time nurse her husband paraplegic. Mrs. Bolton ( Helene Alexandridis ) , widower , takes care of him in a professional manner . When Constance sure you are in good hands , began to pace in extensive grounds of the estate and is located in the cab of Oliver Parkin (Jean -Louis Coulloc’h ), the gamekeeper . Seeing him naked chest wash arouses feelings that literally breathtaking . From that moment , Constance is on a journey of exploration and awaken your erotic desires .

An affair between an aristocratic lady rangers were flagrant scandal in England in the 1920s , not only because it was adultery, but because he was a commoner and a servant to whom . In social circles , class fraternization was deemed more heinous than infidelity. This speaks volumes about the character of Lady Chatterley . He saw all people as equals instead of ordering that officials involved in household chores .

Parkin and Connie , as he came to call , they engage in a prudent relationship gradually grows an innocent touch to complete the sexual coupling . We know you will fall in love and what is not when or how this is important. The good thing about this movie is to be there , to participate in his passion flowers , subsidies and revive . Love is the music played in this story on rustic background of a primeval forest . These nature shots staging, the rustling of leaves , flowers in a field, clouds drifting , all symbolize the triumph of the physicality of intellectualism . This is a wonderful park for your adventures sensual , safe and supportive .

This drama unfolds slowly and gently touched his heart. Some may object to the tempo slow and bloated 161 minutes runtime , but when you commit to the emotional rather than the above information, the film moves along a trip welcome pace .

In drama , as in life , emotions are big, heavy things , unlike the informational aspects , they have the flexibility to quickly change direction. Even after the pulse is gone , a residue remains and has strong dramatic implications . This is what the director Pascale Ferran had in mind when he chose a slower pace of subtle resonances can be seen . High spectators in action movies driven / plot may feel this approach. They became addicted to ask: “What will happen ” as opposed to the character’s inner turmoil and emotional rollercoaster ride experience .

There are six physical love scenes in “Lady Chatterley ” and each an essential part of the narrative. Each scene is a new experience for Constance and respective reveals inner lives of the couple who escaped with their diploma clothed in camera sessions most popular outdoor , exploratory . As they progress , unfold new meanings , each more fascinating than the last . In the end , the lovers frolic naked (but with shoes ) , in the rain and exhausted , are coupled in the mud with the rain down in their bodies. It is a liberating feeling these scenes , as these two characters are transformed and invent a new life for themselves .

Marina Hands ( The Barbarian Invasions ) the curious warm delivery Konstanz offers a beautiful translucent , almost childlike , as he grows emotional and moral maturity . In this paper , star -making, the ability to carry the inner voice is magical. Jean Louis Coulloc’h , a newcomer to film , developed his art respected stage actor . Touch the Rangers strong , virile and resigned melancholy followed and presents a serious warning to the wise hands and specific occupations . The depth and history of the way of your representation is not perfect as the illicit lover .

Sir Chatterley Girardot gives us a stark reminder of the war and how it breaks what could have been . His performance as a proud but vulnerable member of the ruling class is wonderful and provides the catalyst that drives history. Manned by war wounds , which compensated the disabled by running ominously mining family . One of the most memorable moments is when their new spaces for motorized wheelchairs in Forest Hill and refuses to ask for help. Sister Constance and nurse Alexandridis of Fillieres play a very professional cast with well designed performance .

The scenario of Pascal Ferran , Roger Bohbot and Pierre Trividic the book ” John Thomas and Lady Jane ” by DH Lawrence is intelligent and tasteful , though sexually frank . Exquisite Movie Julien Hirsch paints both physical and sensual aspects we discovered the vibrant beauty of nature . The address Ferran door to a movie screen lyrical and lovely, and with his vision and finesse of the game, he campaigned for the release of repressed thoughts and feelings of love, intimacy and sex. In this era of social and accuracy Puritan austerity , is a very subversive movie , because it suggests that we are concerned not only with each other but also with yourself.

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