Movie Review: True Romance – Most Amazing Action Movie Ever

Do you want to see a movie that is filled with action, suspense, and dialogue that you will never forget? Would you like to see a movie starring Brad Pitt before anybody even knew who he was? Would you like to see a movie with Val Kilmer playing the ghost of Elvis? Then look no further than “True Romance,” starring Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette. This movie was a smash hit when it first came out, and is just as entertaining today.

Our movie starts out with a few regular characters that could be any one of us. There is a drug deal gone bad. There is a violent shoot out that leaves everybody dead, and a stack of money, and a bag of illegal drugs sitting out in the open. Our hero happens by, and not being anybody’s fool, decides to take the money, and run, literally. The movie is called “True Romance,” because he happens to be in love, and broke. The boy and his love decide to take the loot and head out to California to start anew.

Before they leave, they stop off at his fathers place of work. His father is a security guard, and an ex police officer. The son figures his father still has connections, and will know of any police or gangsters are after the money. He hasn’t heard anything, so the son and his girl figure they are in the clear and head out to Hollywood.

However, all is not well. The money belongs to a powerful crime syndicate. It doesn’t take long for the powerful gangster to find the boys unlucky father. After unsuccessfully trying try his son’s whereabouts out of him, they kill him. This is likely one of the best scenes in the movie, as the boys father, played fantastically by Dennis Hopper, gives one of the most infamous speeches regarding Italian history prior to being killed.

The mobsters chase the boy and his girl to California, and the chase is on. The boy decides to sell the drugs to a movie producer, who in turn hopes to use the drugs to seduce the girl he is in love with. The final scene is an epic shoot out that is both extremely funny and dramatically entertaining.

This stunning masterpiece is filled with now famous actors that command millions of dollars per performance. Brad Pitt, Val Kilmer just to name a couple all had hilarious roles in this fantastic movie. This movie has everything you could ever hope for in a film, as well as classic scenes and dialogues that you can refer to again and again.Directed by Tony Scott, and written by the now world famous Quintin Tarantino, this movie set the gold standard for dialogue rich action movies. We highly recommend that you make this film an addition to your DVD library.

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