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Before Buffy against vampires, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, True Blood and Twilight, of course, took our small and large screens, vampires public thought, especially the horrible image has deeply to life by the late Sir Christopher Lee as Count Dracula with bloodshot eyes and fangs of fear rather than the modern version of teen fiction with good looks and sculpted six pack abs that would be a dream to date and make do. And as Sir Christopher Lee was memorable as the fanged demon, so was Sir Peter Cushing as Van Helsing his nemesis, the original murderer had before Buffy.

vampire horrors, of course, not limited to the West, namely Hollywood. Here in the East we have our version also, but instead of demons with sharp teeth, East vampires known as the “Jiang Shi” (translated as petrified corpses) Jump zombies dressed in Qing Dynasty outstretched arms. Based on legends and Chinese folklore, these nocturnal creatures can have a ridiculous and laughable aspect, but they are certainly not to be underestimated because they kill all living beings in order to absorb its essence of life or “qi”. As for his sworn enemy, ask any fan of Hong Kong cinema and is very likely to get the same answer – the Taoist priest played by the late Ching Ying Lam, our own “Van Helsing East”.

Since the first film Mr. Vampire in 1985, Lam Ching Ying memorable played the vampire Suk Gau murdering his own Taoist priest and even received his first nomination as best supporting actor in the 5th Film Awards Hong Kong this year paper. Thereafter, he continued to take the iconic role not only in many suites, but also many benefits both in film and on television following the film, so that solidifies and some would say cataloged Taoist priest and all the priests Taoists in the film world. So memorable was his 2013 film legacy Rigor Mortis successfully revived the kind of film “Jiang Shi” was proclaimed homage to movie franchise The vampire lord and him.

In addition Lam, this movie franchise was also responsible for the rise of many film careers of Ricky Hui, Chin Ho Siu, Anthony Chan Yau, Wu Ma, Ley Fong Wong Pauline, among many others, that portrayed the disciples of vampires Lam fighting, actions or rivals Taoists or ghosts in the movie series or demergers priests. In fact, chin and Chan have gone to play in the last Rigor Mortis, now veterans, circle their roles from the original 1985 film.

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