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Next month marks the 50th anniversary of the genre known as folk-rock, for her and in June 1965, when the Byrds released their first album met. Titled after its coverage of the popular folk song photographed Bob Dylan Mr. Tambourine Man also introduced three versions electrified Dylan compositions.
The album also started another trend, starting the album with the title track. Almost every artist has followed from the game, including the Beatles, who a year later began the drive in history with a song called “Lonely Hearts Club Band Sergeant Pepper”.
Rarely, however, the artists put the title song to end the album. Here are ten of these classic albums, save all the song that bears his name.
Year Cat Al Stewart
The title song was a great success and adequate proximity to the album, because the other cuts appeared to accumulate experienced ecstasy in the year of the cat singer.
Supertramp Crime of the Century
The band would win immortality with tracking Breakfast in America, but this album served as a preview of classics like “The Logical Song”, “Goodbye Stranger” and “Take the Long Way Home”.
Who are you by whom
The song was one of the first large tubes using a forbidden four letter word, so it seems appropriate that the rockers placed last on the album.
Squeeze cool for cats
Full registration is approximately two good and bad sexual experiences, but in the end the group decided that, in general, the act is definitely worth it.
Meat Is Murder by The Smiths
Morrissey is a vegetarian franca, which probably explains why he wanted to leave his listeners to sing this song after the case was over.

The Royal Scam by Steely Dan
Air after drug dealers, murderers and broken relationships, push a government scandal seems to argue (or imply) worldwide.
Wonderful, glorious Eels
Mark Oliver Everett used that piece of dark listeners raise after two albums that complement the trio of his latest work.
Why can not we be friends? war
Although not as popular as “Low Rider” this problem was the perfect choice to close the most durable of the band album.
Indoctrinated by George Harrison
This posthumous release was a great gift underestimated the ex-Beatle, not really matter where this memorable piece was placed.
My Ride is here by Warren Zevon
Since this would be their last album as he lost his battle with cancer, Zevon correctly placed this metaphor of death as the last song.

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