My take on Bob Dylan Quotes

You know, these two types of people who are in the world? Well, when it comes to Bob Dylan, I’m the type “love.” I’ve always been a fan, and his music was very influential on my own. I am also a fan of the way he walks his way. Expectations are out there if you are Bob Dylan and always I have felt was handled quite well.

Of course, their songs contain lines that have become iconic in America, but I wanted to see some things Dylan said outside his songs and poetry, so I decided to take a look at some quotes from Bob Dylan and what they mean for me .

I accept chaos, I’m not sure I agree.

I believe that everyone, both conscious and unconscious or lost on me, trying her best to make good decisions and do all that is best in every moment. The problem is, that life is not static. Look around. The world (wer = = old man EALD) is constantly changing. At the same time, it is determined how to act or what to do, the whole complex natural system is in a constant state of flux.

Chaos! Dylan and I also accept that, or at least try.

All I can do is be me – whoever he is.

Yes, Bob, I’m still the inevitability of logic in the first part, but what about this part # 2, right? Who is “I”? It is “” grumpy misanthrope cross, so ready to be dissatisfied, which appeared on my worst days, or benevolent soul, cheerful shining on other occasions? Am I just a descendant of the ancient memories of my foolish youth, or partially fabricated version of the finished piece as I am on my last day of this life? Or perhaps “I” is the voice in my head that keeps a constant comments such run of events. You know, the word repent the past and are nervous about the future; one that offers such advice is sometimes terrible?

But on the other hand, if I can find out about all these “I”, then perhaps “I” is the connoisseur. Perhaps the real “me” is something far deeper and more connected. Perhaps my “I” and Bob “I” are the same “I”. All I can do is be me.

Sometimes it’s not enough to know what things mean, sometimes you have to know what things mean.

Every event and every person or thing that I am in life instead, put my stamp on it, and I bet that Bob Dylan did too. Joe’s car is stolen, I see that in some way. My car is stolen? This is something completely nuther. She left you? Man, that’s tough. She left me? Oh shit !!

So one thing can “say” something absolutely, or only in the context of my shift, and how to differentiate? Go ask Bob.

You can never be wise and be in love at the same time.

Well, yes and no, Bob. Of course, you and I’ve never done, I assure you. But from what I understand, you is love, and then there is love, you know? What most of us think that love could be called “I love” or “need to love.” The lover needs loved him full of some kind. This dependence is more than love. However, if the lover is now complete, and you can see all of his beloved, and he is aware of living in the present moment, and the stars align and everything goes well, you could find true love. Or write a song.

If you’re a fan of Bob Dylan like me, you only need to consult the alt country singer songwriter Mitchell Johnson Blues, click here.

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