New albums to consider in 2017

Greatest hits

The world of music lost many popular artists in the year 2016, most recently George Michael. The British singer, who gained fame in the duo Wham died on Christmas Day, adding to a list that includes Obituary David Bowie, Prince, Glenn Frey, Keith Emerson and Greg Lake.

Despite these passages, the year was able to give us something to thank. We were treated to new veteran albums like Monkees and Loretta Lynn, and a surprise exit from Wilco.

As we enter a new year, here are fifteen new album albums we can rejoice at some point in the year 2017.


James Mercer will continue to work from the last two years on the Broken Bells side project and contributes to the voice of strangers to ourselves Modest Mouse album. The main Mercer group has already released the single “Dead Alive”, so fans are anticipating the album in the coming months.

Flaming Lips

Mcyody Ozcy is the name of the new album scheduled for January 13, and the alternating group of Wayne Coyne has already released a single called “El Castillo”.

Death Cab For Cutie

Ben Gibbard and his indie group will oversee Kintsugi, which will be their first album without co-founder Chris Walla.

bull and Moi

It is not officially known as Toro and Moi, but Chaz Bundick remains the brain behind the disc created with the Mattson brothers. His title is Chaz Bundick meets Mattson 2 and was planned to launch on March 31.


These guys have been around for over twenty years, and they came to the lists dozens of times. Her new album, a girl, a bottle, a boat will be available on January 27th.

The Chain of Jesus and Mary

There are more than a decade that the alternative band released new documents, so fans welcome damage and joy when it hits the market on March 24.

Cold game

No release date has been set for the new offering of these alternative rock veterans, but the title is Kaleidoscope.

Tears For Fears

Songs From the Big Chair created the group to stardom thirty years ago, and fans hope their new effort will have a similar impact. It could even make us “scream” and we’re going to “lose our heads”.

Depeche Mode

These new wave veterans have been busy the past few years, and fans will not be surprised to receive another new record.

They are volt

February 17 is the release date of Blue Notes, a new series of group Jay Farrar, founder of Uncle Tupelo.

Old 97s

Rhett Miller and his alt-country act are set to unveil graveyard whistling February 24th for its first release as most spoiled as of 2013.

Modest mouse

A stranger to ourselves now is two years old, so fans will be thrilled when Isaac Brock and his friends finish the new album.

My Morning Jacket

Jim James has made a solo jewel last year, but 2017 promises a meeting with his Louisville group monitoring 2015’s The Waterfall.

Todd Fancey

A member of the New Pornographers, Fancey on January 27 will present their solo album Mirage Love. One single, “Sunshine Baby” is already being broadcast.

Mac Demarco

The news was announced via Twitter on December 28th, he had finished his new album, the first since Salad Days Long in 2014.

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