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Do you consider yourself a music lover, but you do not understand what people mean when they talk about soul music from the North? If she lives outside the United Kingdom, it is reasonable to assume that she would have been ignorant of the musical movement that gave birth to term. Typically, this type of music was defined as belonging to an unusual collection of Motown, Chicago and New York soul music that was played on British disc radio in the north of England in the 1960s and 70s. This type Soul music is unique, as it was atypical of music that has topped the charts in the United States around the same time ..

Born before the mod scene has seen its most popular day, but before the punk music shakes the entire British music scene with its raw and torn styles, the soul music of the north has enjoyed a unique combination of fashion, singing and the dance. Because the soul of the North was much more optimistic than many albums that were news in the United States at that time, the dance style that accompanied was much more energetic and active as you think.

The owner of the London record store, David Godin, is credited with having coined the term “soul soul” as a way to help his commitment to sell the kind of music desired by customers. Children came to London in search of fast songs that were popular a few years ago, and instead of wasting time trying to sell them in current black American popular music, Godin told them that promoting this “northern soul” in its place. .

Although many people thought that they would die in the 1980s, popular albums and artists of this movement remained in the hearts and record players of those who heard them. If you like this type of music and you are interested in learning some dance steps the soul music moves north, it is very easy to start. First, choose a song that consistently has 4/4 as “Double-O-Soul” by Edwin Starr or “Monkey Time” Major Lance. Listen to the beat during the first couple of bars, then take four quick steps to the left, and four fast steps to the right, to the beat of the music. When you feel comfortable, start changing your weight on your ankles and your toes. Talcum powder can be applied on the dance floor to make this easier.

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