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Chris Hemsworth

Thor was one of the silent films in the marketing part of the 2011 Summer Bonanza, so expectations were not as important to the Marvel movie, but they just became a jaw-dropper. Many viewers expect a lot, which made the experience much more enjoyable. By the Kenneth Branaugh sense why many wonder why. When you protect Thor, you forget to have these doubts. If only he could have continued with the next, you know he would have been much stronger.

Thor’s beauty is that he does not take it too seriously or lightly, which is a delicate balance. Thor is the great power of his own planet, and when it comes to our planet, he has the same attitude as fun. Just one of the funniest moments of the movie is when Thor is stuck in a hospital and cry, you’re not the only opponent … just like it has been stuck in the ass with a needle. This film opens easily many doors for Hemsworth shows that it is more than a pretty face and a body to match. You can continue in the field of action for a long time. Thor has opened the door to the movie The Avengers which is a founding member.

Branaugh covered fifty years of history in 3D film that accelerates, and greatly benefits from technology and that really fun. The film quickly begins a 30-minute sequence at Asgard, where we meet all the major figures – Thor, his brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston), his father Odin (Anthony Hopkins) – and the idea that these extraordinarily powerful beings have been At war with a giant ice race. And not only is it done with serious face, but hardware exploration, with large movements chasing through beautiful Asgardian landscapes, is by far the biggest thing Marvel attempted; It is a fantasy on a cosmic scale. This allows you to remember that 3D can be a lot of fun if done correctly and worth the supplement.

The story follows how Loki Thor talks to challenge his father to fight and defeat the frost giant, resulting in the sending planet. This sequence works so well and brings the competition between the brothers for the love of dad and how even a hero like Thor can be crushed by a disappointed father. The real relationship between Thor, Loki and Odin is pure Shakespeare, and in this sense, Kenneth Branaugh was the perfect pianist for this film.

Hemsworth brings so much humility and humor to the mighty god of thunder when he separates from his magic hammer, Mjolnir, which makes this work so well the movie. He knows when he lights up after dramatic and serious action and dramatic moments. Thor is on his own feet as an excellent independent film, although it was not such a strong job for the movie The Avengers.

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