Only Lovers Left Alive

Only Lovers Left Alive

Simply it recognizes that pop culture is more or less done with vampires for another twenty years. They had a good run there for a while, what with True Blood, Twilight, Buffy, et al., But the journey is about to end. Hell, we have advanced (and tired) by zombies this point. Only Lovers Left Alive is not worried that the pop culture wants or does not want. In fact, he has a contempt for the general population.

Our protagonists are Adam and Eve, two centuries old vampires have brilliantly played by Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton (our own Evangelist Chris assures me that Hiddleston and Swinton are real vampires in real life. I could not be bothered to check the facts for what I am working on the assumption that telling the truth). Adam and Eve share a deep love for others and it is this love that is at the heart of the film. Both Hiddleston Swinton and give wonderful performances and this film are struggling else on his shoulders easily. Adam is a mysterious suicide musician with a past love living in ruin, once great city of Detroit. Eva is a seeker of passionate emotion and dynamics currently residing on the other side of the world in squalid Tangier.

This separation of the two lovers is among several nods to Einstein’s theory of entanglement or “physical Spooky.” This theory basically states that two objects become so entangled that may affect others, even if they are placed at opposite ends of the universe. Our “dark” characters represent this idea of “phantasmagorical physics.” OK, it is not heavy-handed in the film, in fact, this idea is presented so elegantly that really feels like these characters really love. director Jim Jarmusch spends much of his time to show us the depth of the relationship between Adam and Eve that all but ignores the world they live. Intentional clearly does not mean that I think it was the right decision Only Lovers Left Alive left me wishing seeing how our fans interact with “zombies.” – The word of man, Adam – and the world will let wither.

What we know is that Adam idolatrous greatest thinkers, scientists, artists and philosophers that humanity has known. Everyone simply do not have time to unless they can do something for him. The only human being in this film are those that serve as a means to an end: get the blood through the blood bank, go for rare guitars and wooden balls, etc. The horror of Adam for humanity comes from the world, he looked to build and then consumed again and again over the centuries. There is much that we can not get our s *** together, he decided to end his own life. This is, of course, until he met Eva and given his will to live a booster injection. That’s basically where the movie begins, but never really anywhere after that.

Some secondary characters come and go, but this is mostly the show Tom and Tilda. Perhaps if they did more than sit on a couch and drive around Detroit would not be so bad, but in a time of two hours, it feels really check every minute away. Perhaps Jarmusch shows us what it means to be an eternal being? I laugh! It is a slow burn of a film much more than let it sit with me I like, but I do not like. If Only Lovers Left Alive was at the opposite end of the universe for me, I did not know it was there.

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