adventure movie

In the heart of the sea: an adventure movie “must see”

The film has a great historical plot, but the wrong action and management almost drowned the ship. This movie definitely needs a major actor, or at least a notable director; Both could have been avoided. The movie begins with a lot of Hoo-ha that makes the audience feel like it’s not a simple storyline. But as the film goes further, the audience begins to realize the simplicity of the plot. It takes a little patience.

History: Author Herman Melville visits Thomas Nickerson, the sole survivor of a great ship disaster in 1850. He tried to persuade Thomas to tell him that his story offered him money, but Thomas refused, perhaps because of the abomination last. Meanwhile, his wife arrives and convinces to tell his story for the sake of money, because they did not have much need. Read more »

dark fire

A Dark Fire Forged by Chris Evans

“It’s not the heat, it’s stupidity.” -Private Yimt Arkhorn, “A Dark Wrought in the Fire”

Arkhorn’s private statement perfectly reflects the spirit of Chris Evans’s new novel “A Dark Forged in Fire.” The book is essentially the fantasy novel equivalent to talk of time, functional speech, but it is not fun to end. (I apologize if you are one of the few people to find that the weather is very satisfactory. By the way, do you know if it will rain tomorrow.?) Functional stories are less fun; It’s like deja vu with different characters. In his favor, Evans spices up a bit of humor, and demonstrates an ability to entertain entertaining characters, but when you look at the whole story, it’s 400 pages of “wandering through the woods.” This fantastic shot would not be complete without a battle to the end, and Evans did not disappoint, it gives us a big battle with multiple factions in the conclusion. If literature is the story of “the coming century,” while the fantasy genre is clearly the story of “coming battle.”

Although ultimately clichéd, “a Dark Forged in Fire” is at least a well made outfit used in excess. Evans shows creativity with his characters and creations and displays delightful short stories, makes him only think about what he could have done with a better underlying story. The novel also seems to have trouble deciding whether it wants to be a standard classical fantasy or more of a dark fantasy. The more adult aspects, stronger, have chatted, but never completely kissed. “A Dark Forged in Fire” have helped enormously if Evans had written with the same borderless approach Joe Abercrombie uses for his First Law trilogy. The material here involves this type of treatment. Read more »

James Cameron

Top 10 Hollywood Movies of the Highest Level

Hollywood movies are seen by many people, not only in the United States, but also around the world. Aside from the superb advanced effects incorporated into movies, history is also something that moviegoers around the world are passionate about. In this regard, here are the newest and most successful of the top 10 Hollywood movies you should know:

1. Avatar – This is an epic science fiction film directed by James Cameron. Cameron is also the brilliant writer of this greatest film plan. Its release date can be dated in 2009. This excellent film was performed by Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Giovanni Ribisi, Joel David Moore, Michelle Rodriguez and Stephen Lang. The overall Avatar Avatar total is $ 2877965087. Read more »

The Huntsman

Snow White and the Huntsman Movie Review

If you’re not familiar with my movie reviews, here’s how it works: I’ll check out the latest movie that everyone talks about, drink a surprising amount of diet soda and then share their comments, looking a lot like things to do permissions , While trying to find a balance with the positive highlights. Welcome. We started.

The Good: What we have here is an attempt to take the sweetest and pathetic princess in history, and give her a spine. Not her version of the fairy tale of childhood, with dwarf whistles and a helpless girl in a dress, run with her hand over his mouth, still surprised. It’s a much darker and more frightening scene, frankly adding to the appeal in my opinion. Read more »

Chris Hemsworth

Of Thor Chris Hemsworth brings the clever film Superhero

Thor was one of the silent films in the marketing part of the 2011 Summer Bonanza, so expectations were not as important to the Marvel movie, but they just became a jaw-dropper. Many viewers expect a lot, which made the experience much more enjoyable. By the Kenneth Branaugh sense why many wonder why. When you protect Thor, you forget to have these doubts. If only he could have continued with the next, you know he would have been much stronger.

Thor’s beauty is that he does not take it too seriously or lightly, which is a delicate balance. Thor is the great power of his own planet, and when it comes to our planet, he has the same attitude as fun. Just one of the funniest moments of the movie is when Thor is stuck in a hospital and cry, you’re not the only opponent … just like it has been stuck in the ass with a needle. This film opens easily many doors for Hemsworth shows that it is more than a pretty face and a body to match. You can continue in the field of action for a long time. Thor has opened the door to the movie The Avengers which is a founding member. Read more »

the cabin wood

The cabin in the woods

We’ve all seen horror movies where a group of young friends decided to take a weekend in the woods or another isolated area. They almost always consist of characters like the athlete, the fox, the black and the virgin. Not only that, but it gets to such a point that you can predict a lot of what will happen. The cabin in the woods has some of those same qualities and characters you used to see, but it’s a bit different … or maybe very different.

In the cabin in the woods, five friends decide to get together and go to a remote log cabin in the woods during the weekend. It all starts as you would expect, but it does not last when strange things begin to fall. Now these friends are in a struggle for their life because they are hoping to escape the dangers of alcohol and come home before it is too late. Read more »

Chris Evans

Chris Evans gets the lead role in the puncture film

Chris Evans is playing an important role, landing the main roles in the action movie Air Captain America, and extremely legal drama of suspense piercing the film. I hope these two very different performances will be exactly what you need to boost your career to wherever you want it to be. Only time will tell whether it will happen or not, but critics of his actor skills in the film, to drilling, were exceptional to date.

At the puncture of the film, Chris plays a character like nothing he has ever seen play before. Many industry professionals thought it was a good move on their part to finally get out of their comfort zone and take on a more demanding role. He has really been able to show his versatility as an actor, and he threw everything he had into the character.

In the film, he plays Mike Weiss, a crazy drug that happens to be a lawyer, dealing with the biggest event ever. His only quality as a person in the film is that he is really interested in the case and does his best to try to win it.

Read more »

soul music festival

North Soul Music – The dance moves and more

Do you consider yourself a music lover, but you do not understand what people mean when they talk about soul music from the North? If she lives outside the United Kingdom, it is reasonable to assume that she would have been ignorant of the musical movement that gave birth to term. Typically, this type of music was defined as belonging to an unusual collection of Motown, Chicago and New York soul music that was played on British disc radio in the north of England in the 1960s and 70s. This type Soul music is unique, as it was atypical of music that has topped the charts in the United States around the same time ..

Born before the mod scene has seen its most popular day, but before the punk music shakes the entire British music scene with its raw and torn styles, the soul music of the north has enjoyed a unique combination of fashion, singing and the dance. Because the soul of the North was much more optimistic than many albums that were news in the United States at that time, the dance style that accompanied was much more energetic and active as you think. Read more »

The Art and Beauty of Ballet

Dance: the beauty of art

It is natural to want to dance and move when listening to music. With the rhythm of the drum of a military march, marching in time; Soft waltz circles have the power to make us want to run forever; And a lullaby that lilt our body during sleep. Dance is a natural expression and is a natural response to music that is heard outside or at times, but rarely, it resonates with the sounds of inner joy, to which only the individual is deprived.

Most people want to dance or enjoy the dance. This is a life feature of most people around the world who reveal the differences in their culture through the different types of music and different styles of dance moves that are developed in their traditional art. There is a different campaign between dancing or western barn training dance with a country band and rap to dance with their intonation and the accompanying sounds; Among the metal tap dancers fight in a popular air-feet and soft ballet dancers pointed patterns of a classic piece describing; The passionate guitar and strong heels of a Spanish flamenco and the soft clouds of Austrian waltz circular to the chords of a violin. Read more »

costa rica dance

Costa Rica – Music, dance and nightlife

Music in Costa Rica is music for dancing. Salsa music room, there is something for everyone. Live bands playing in different clubs throughout a rural area. Salsa, Jazz, Rock, Tango, Tex-Mex, and Calypso are all over the place to go to different nightpots in Costa Rica.

If you stay near San Jose the perfect nightlife is located in El Pueblo, in Escazú. Here you will find restaurants, nightclubs and shops. Twister Club is a club that is very popular to play to date and Latin music. The other is Tobagan and while they only open the weekends they are always full. Read more »