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OutKast is a hip hop duo alt America, Atlanta, Georgia, formed in 1992. The duo was formed by the hip hoppers based in Atlanta, Andre Benjamin (Andre 3000) and Antwan Patton (Big Boi). OutKast originally went by the name “Two deep tones,” but then chose the name of OutKast. His original musical style was a mixture of funk, hip hop, dirty south. But later, they added other elements in their musical style, such as soul, rock, electronic music, jazz and blues.

OutKast was formed by the duo, in high school in 1992 when they released their first album in 1994, called Southernplaylisticadillacmuzik. The album contained several singles, including “Player’s Ball” which remained a number one on the Billboard Hot Rap Tracks in the United States. After the phenomenal success of his first album, they went to release the second album in 1996 entitled ATLiens and Aquemini followed by Stankonia in 1998 and 2000. In 2003, they released their double album of OutKast, with name and then Speakboxxx Love. The albums have continued doing great business and featured hit singles like “Hey Ya!” and “The Way You Move”.

His double album, The Love Below Speakerboxxx and received an excellent response and won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 2004. OutKast was the first and only hip-hop group to win a Grammy Award for best album of the year. Later, they made a soundtrack for a musical film in 2006 called Idlewind. With the soundtrack, the duo also played in the film.

Since 2007, the duo was long hiatus. Although, in the meantime, the two artists, Andre 3000 (Andre Benjamin) and Big Boi (Antwan Patton) have launched their successful solo albums. OutKast, however, held in 2014, to celebrate its 20th anniversary. They have played in over 40 festivals around the world, as their concerts 20th birthday celebration.

OutKast was known to be the surface increasingly successful duo of hip-hop in the music industry. They have released six albums, the 13-year period. These 6 albums has won 6 Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year, the first to be pocketed by a group of hip-hop in the history of the Grammys. Their six studio albums have sold over 25 million albums worldwide, on behalf incredible success in the music industry stretch beyond alt hip hop or any particular genre do.

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