Popular TV Star Celeste Thorson

A popular actress is fast becoming a name on the rise in America, Celeste Thorson , is a TV star has conquered his fears about the camera . His international fan base was built and is catapulted to celebrity status. Known for leading a team of adventure seekers woman at Destination X program , the first season turned in prestigious locations such as Hawaii, Oahu and Kauai. Former art student came to fame in dangerous stunts like skydiving 14,000 feet and swaying while climbing cliffs. During the second season , which led the racialized cars and flew in fighter jets throughout Southern California. Its popularity soared when his show was syndicated to more than 60 countries worldwide . Thorson has become a beloved figure in Asia, where he won the Star Award and has appeared in campaigns posters.

Celeste Thorson was born July 23, 1984 in Orange County , California, a father of U.S. Marines and mother fine artist . She was an only child . Being on the stage like a happy child, however, is very often. Celeste has studied classical art internationally renowned Instituto Allende in San Miguel de Allende during his travels in Mexico . His theatrical ambitions continued into his teens when he was discovered by the Agency Escott Slevin Cuttingham Dougherty Talent in Los Angeles.

Your CV has action and comedy. Celeste directed its agents to audition for television and landed a role in the hit comedy How I Met Your Mother series . She played in the scenes with Neil Patrick Harris has been reviewed by millions of viewers worldwide . She has starred in films like nine pieces , satin, Still Breathing situation and Billy Armstrong. His appearances on magazine covers , commercials, movies and television have become an expensive option for fashion designers and famous brands. Lifestyle globetrotting jetsetters took for actress and model photo shoots and sets in Italy , Paris, Mexico , Japan, Thailand , South Korea , the Netherlands and the United States. Celeste is a known activist and uses the media to say what they think about the various causes frequently.

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