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Everyone is a star at a high school musical dance party! With the third installment of the HSM series reaching the end of summer 2008, this event will definitely be a great success! Invitations: Purchase theme invitations or make your own tickets or passes behind the scenes by visiting the website and choosing the template for “concert tickets”. It’s totally free and very easy! Fill in what you want the ticket or spend saying, downloading, saving and printing as many copies as necessary. Simple! I’ve created an invitation to fake it on the right side so you can see what they look like.

There are various shapes, colors and designs to choose from. Use phrases like “Backstage Access”, “VIP Only” and “AdmitOne”. The tickets would be large in card stock and the passes would be fine on plain paper, laminated and pierced with a cord or cord. You can use the party! Decorations: Create a scene of a lot of dance secondaire.Utilisez the school of red and white balloons and banderoles.Trouvez you get a disco ball and some strobe lights to really set the mood for the dance! Name each guest, making big yellow stars or paper with your name written on it. Take these stars and make a wall of fame by blending the “guest star” with photos and posters of actors and actresses of the High School of the movie starring musique.Les Hang, CD, disks, pompoms and garland pennants Ceiling with the wire do not pêche.N’oubliez remove the Christmas lights and hang them on your murs.Il would not be surprised to have a DJ – Ok, this is a bit much, but be sure to have a good stereo in the Hand with a great selection of popular music and HSM top 40 cds. Activities: A dance class would be great.

They call local dance studio and see if they have a student who is willing to come to the party and teach a short film routine. Games: “Name That Tune” – Game of short fragments of the soundtrack and the best 40 popular songs. Ask the guest attempt to name the air and if they can, get 1 token. If they can sing the next line, they will win an extra. I’m going to explain the chips in a bit so he stays with me. “Who said” – Before the party, write several lines of the film and the character who said it. On separate sheets of paper, write a single line (not who said it), and put it in a hat or basket. In turn, they go around the hat and have each guest choose a piece of paper and read it aloud the quote. Then have a chance to guess. If everything is correct, they win a token. “Aro Toss” – HSM kids like their high-school wildcats basketball team so do not forget to add a b-ball business. Why not put a hoop pitch. You can use a ball inside and net or make your own with a trash can and any ball you have on hand. Each player receives 10 shots and is assigned 1 chip for each basket made. Kids really want to know what these chips are for now! To start the dance, playing some dance tricks and gels have some spot dances. “Freeze Dance” is when they abruptly leave the music and the dancers should freeze immediately posoitiion what they are in if they are able to hold their position, they are assigned a token. The dances “Spot” is only when you choose a specific location in the room and the one that is closest to the location at the end of the song wins – 1 token. Be sure to keep an up-to-date list of all fees awarded.

Start each child with 10 tokens and add from there. The menu: A so-called cafeteria line! Take plastic trays from your local fast food restaurant and let the kids line up in Indian row and choose your food. Have individual portions of hamburgers and hot dogs wrapped in foil, mini pizzas, chips in baskets, salad cups and a selection of soft drinks, boxes of juice and milk in these small containers. Make a “cafeteria” sign and provide the lunch lady with a bookmark! Finally, we got to the potatoes! Turn off the “cafeteria” panel for “HSM Fast Food Stand” panel. During the last half hour of the game set up your food stall. The food stall should consist of items placed in your loot bags such as pockets of chips, sweets, chocolate bars, pop, biscuits and chewing gum, tattoos, glow sticks, bags, microphones, key chains, pencils, gums Erase and authorized HSM favors. The key is to have a wide variety of different items as all children do not choose the same things. In this situation, it would be safer to buy more and return the items if they are not used. Give each child their assigned tokens and lunch from the bag paper or HSM booty bag authorized to complete.

The chips can be bingo markers, play pieces, paper bills, coins or buttons for that matter! Have a chip card with items listed for sale and your cost chips for the kids to watch. The more expensive the theme, the more chips they cost. For example, the rubber is a counter, a packet of chewing gum is 2 chips and a microphone 3 chips. To be fair, to align them with the amount of chips you won – for example, the lowest to the highest. Have each child, in turn, buy an item and then go back to the back of the line. Continue until all the tabs are exhausted. It takes a bit of planning, but it does provide an exciting element to the party! Children take home the things they really want and will use – do not forget and throw away!

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