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lovers of music

Performing and enjoying music is a big part of Welsh culture. With the secular traditions of harp, song, poetry and folk music it remains a part of modern Welsh culture – you hear all this and more to special cultural festivals called “Eisteddfodau” (plural of “Eisteddfod”) held at Local and national level throughout the year in Wales – it is not surprising that Wales in the last two centuries, has earned the nickname “the land of song.”

All types of music are popular – and created – in Wales. Opera, folk, jazz, rock and even traditional styles of poetry and music like ‘Cerdd dafod’ and ‘Cerdd ing’ are as popular as ever in Wales.

In Snowdonia, music is so much a part of everyday life in the rest of Wales, and the region has produced global music artists; Opera Bryn Terfel, for example, is the village of Snowdonia Pant Glas, near Caernarfon, while the famous singer Duffy comes from Nefyn on the Llyn peninsula.

If you are a music lover and want to enjoy a concert or two during your visit to Snowdonia, here are five music venues in Snowdonia that you do not want to miss.

1. Ty Siamas

Let’s start with the place of the last music of Snowdonia Ty Siamas Dolgellau. Ty Siamas is the national center for folk music of Wales, and provide a place for Snowdonia musicians to perform and for visitors to discover new music, Ty Siamas is a wonderful educational center where you can learn all that is to know The folk music of Wales.

At Ty Siamas, there is an excellent interactive exhibition where you can try playing traditional Welsh musical instruments, a performance auditorium, a recording studio, a coffee shop and a shop full of musical scores and musical instruments.

Ty Siamas with performance in 2011 included local bands, open microphone nights, talent contests and folk dance; There is something for everyone at Ty Siamas, so make sure you are on your list of things to do in Snowdonia!

Neuadd Dwyfor 2

In Pwllheli Neuadd Dwyfor is a cinema-theater-museum, which occupies a prominent place in the center of the city for over a hundred years.

When Neuadd Dwyfor was young, it was the town hall of Pwllheli and a cent penny which buy the best view of the city from above the roof of the building.

These days, Neuadd Dwyfor is the place to be on the Llyn peninsula if you want to see movies, dance, theater and of course music.

The program Neuadd Dwyfor is very varied, and the music season really begins in earnest on Christmas Eve, where you can festoon your ears in all kinds of musical goodies.

3. Galeri

Galeri Caernarfon is one of the most recent art centers in Snowdonia, occupying a superb location overlooking Caernarfon Marina and the Menai Straits. There is an outdoor seating area for warmer nights, when you could spend the intermission enjoying a beautiful sunset of Snowdonia sunshine with a cup of coffee or something stronger the Galeri bar.

Like many performance Snowdonia Venues, Galeri offers a wide range of artistic events throughout the year. Welsh cinema and English bands, local comedy, art exhibitions and even Christmas markets – there is always something happening in Galeri for all ages and tastes.

4. Theater and Ddraig

Formerly an English Congregation Chapel, the building that now houses Th and Ddraig in Barmouth has been upgraded and expanded in the post-war years by a local amateur dramatic committee dedicated to funding research to create a permanent arts venue to be Enjoyed by own and strangers.

Today, Th ddraig – the Dragon Theater – is almost entirely funded, occasionally receiving a small grant from the Gwynedd Council and the Barmouth Town Council to help things.

Th ddraig of the shows include variety shows, plays, music, dance, workshops – a real mix, with something for everyone.

5. Harlech Theater

Theatr Harlech, in the shade of the Castle and supported in the sand dunes of historic Harlech in the Bay of Cardigan, is another of those wonderful places Snowdonia that hosts all sorts of shows and events throughout the year. Some of them even spot on the beach; In the past, some of the most popular events at Theatr Harlech were carving workshops and sandcastle sand contests.


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