Some of the best tap dancers of all time

Here are some interesting facts about the best tap dancers of all time . Bill Robinson ‘ Bojangles’ was born in 1878. He began his dance career at the age of 6 years. At the age of 12, he joined “The South before the war ” touring company . His first performance in front of a white audience does not occur until the age of 50 years. She starred in films during the 1930s with famous outlets like Will Rogers and Shirley Temple . Visit a dance class did a tap dance routine for an hour without repeating the same step twice. He insisted that his feet responded to the music and the head did not know anything about it.

John Sublett Bubbles was the greatest dancer of all times improvisation . It has created a truly innovative style of tap dance known as the “tap tempo . He was 6 years old when he joined Ford Lee” Buck ” Washington . They worked together as” Buck and Bubbles ‘ until Buck died in 1955. The team has been featured in more than a dozen Hollywood productions. After Buck died, he toured with Bob Hope entertaining the troops in Vietnam.

Gene Kelly was born in 1912 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania . He has taught dance in your home studio for six years before moving to New York. He got his first big break when he was elected in Rodgers and musical Hart ” Pal Joey . Won an honorary Oscar in 1952 for” his versatility as an actor, singer , director , dancer, and especially for his brilliant achievements in the art of choreography film . ”

Fred Astaire was born in 1899 in Omaha , NE . She started dancing at age seven with his sister Adele. They danced together until his retirement in 1932. He began his film career in 1933 dancing with Cyd Charisse , Eleanor Powell , Ginger Rogers and Judy Garland. His singing , although untrained , was admired by some of the greatest composers of the time. His choreography is renowned for its inventiveness , wit and musicality .

Gregory Hines tap dancing when she was 5 years old . He played under the Family Law ‘ Hines, Hines and Dad “with his brother and father . Played in several Broadway productions and in 1992 he won a Tony for ” Last Jam jelly. He was a great actor and exceptional ” tap dancer . In 2001 , performed and produced a Showtime original film , ‘ Bojangles’ where she played the tap legend Bill Robinson.

Ann Miller was born in 1923 began dancing to exercise her legs to help her rickets. When I was 13 years old, Lucille Ball discovered in Cat Club San Francisco ‘ Black . Eventually got a contract with RKO and become famous for its ability to leverage . She starred with James Stewart and Jean Arthur in “Can not take it with you ,” which won the Oscar for Best Picture in 1938.

Eleanor Powell began playing with the Vaudeville Kiddie magazine in 1923. She signed with MGM in 1935 and scored her first role in “Broadway Melody of 1936. ” His boundless energy , enthusiasm and fantastic dance delighted the audience . She danced with Fred Astaire in ” Broadway Melody of 1940 ” to create one of the greatest sequences taken from the history of cinema . These are some of the best tap dancers of all time who opened the door to other dancers who want to go into business .

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