Superficial expectations of Music and Art

Some people mistakenly believe that the only purpose of music is to either joy or relax people. This is a rather superficial and silly music and art in general error.
It is often said that art and music feeds the soul. Right. But he is living that creates food, unsweetened. Humans, by nature, have a complexity of thoughts, emotions and feelings. The purpose of aesthetics is not put one in a blissful la-la land of fluffy bunnies, sun and rainbow. It is to convey a message and create interaction between the artist and the listener or viewer. This may even include provocation or darkness. It includes everything you need to communicate a message on an aesthetic level, which is the closest to the human essence level. Communication is a true; it enters; strikes; not to scratch the surface.
The point is not whether or not it is an art or a piece of music creates a state of happy, uplifting mood. It is whether or not communicating and causes an interaction with the viewer or listener, providing a kind of message. And this can consult a variety of moods, tones, feelings, emotions, etc. But the thing is that whatever the mood, tone, feeling, emotion, etc., all this comes at an aesthetic level, the highest level carrier that hits home with the human soul wave. That is what really fuels the human soul.
Symphony No. 6 “Pathetique” by Tchaikovsky has a deeply disturbing melancholy that can evoke the listener. Is musical “comfort food” for a dream sleep. Hieronymus Bosch “The Garden of Earthly Delights” painting does not want a piece of landscape as an armchair, aquarium or floral arrangement. It is intended to provoke thoughts and feelings, bold approach and surreal supernatural themes. Moreover, imagine a drama depicting Jesus Christ alone and smiling during his crucifixion, while impaled and bleeding. It would be entirely without depth, not to mention ridiculous.
And a human being is not without depth. We are complex, sensitive and sentient beings. We are not superficial by our true inherent nature. But some of us have been degraded misconceptions perpetrated by our company we are considering. We are capable of a much higher communication and confrontation of life and the universe level. And the music, art and other forms of aesthetics are the means by which help us to achieve higher levels of existence.

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