Survival Movies – The cream of the crop and it does not shine

Movies survival , best to worst !

The popularity of movies survival has improved in the last two years . I realized these films in three different categories. The categories are : Factor realisticness , survival value and entertainment. Each one is an A – F scale rating to A being the best and F is worst. These ratings are based on my opinion, if you do not feel the same.

Waterworld – Realisticness – Survival Value D – D Entertainment factor – C +
The Earth is full of water, but some people believe that there is still land on earth. This is one of the many films about the struggle for survival resources . As in many films, is a struggle between the protagonist (Kevin Costner ) and antagonist ( Dennis Hopper) and his henchmen (called smokers). This movie is fun to watch , but do not think that is realistic or offered much in the way of survival value.

The Postman – Realisticness – B survival value – C Factor Entertainment – B
Believe the reviews of this film critics do not give justice. In this film, the United States is a very different place , with a little order . Many people have returned to a lifestyle was dark without light , and very little of the law to a thug tyrant (Will Patton ) trying to gain power. The protagonist (Kevin Costner ) , a wanderer , finds a way to make a difference in the world , albeit initially only concerned with his own survival and well – being. It was a very long movie , but I enjoyed it and I loved his sense of hope . I thought this movie offers a decent view realistic about what can happen with the collapse of the company and many years of anarchy . There were a few places where I think it has some survival value , but overall it was one of the entertaining films survival.

The Road – Realisticness – A survival value – entertainment factor B – C
Although I do not think it was one of the films of survival up to my expectations , I think it accurately represents the emotional rollercoaster that the end of the world situation would be. The characters in this film are not able to trust anyone around , and do not have the resources necessary to lead a normal life , which could be a specific result in a real breakdown of society. I think this movie , but it’s annoying in some places was very realistic and showed the grim prospect of the protagonist ( Viggo Mortensen ) in a post -apocalyptic world without hope. In the survival value front, thought I had some issues to take away from the story line that can be useful in real life . I felt that this film made ​​me realize that the pursuit of happiness and wants to live life to the fullest despite the terrible circumstances is the key to winning in the end.

I Am Legend – Realisticness – survival value C – B –
Fun Factor – B This is another movie that I think was a great thrill survival . The main character (Will Smith ) and his dog trying to survive throughout the film , despite the constant threat of zombies. I say this film is one of the saddest scenes in any movie I’ve seen , which makes the whole movie worth it. This film really shows how to survive a couple is when you are alone . Apart from the size of the company , there were only a few survival lessons learned.

Book of Eli – Realisticness – survival value C – C
Factor Entertainment – BI felt Book of Eli , starring Denzel Washington and Mila Kunis was worth seeing . This survival movie showed the importance of being aware of your surroundings . Furthermore, in a world beset by disaster shows how there are people who will take power as they see fit . The use of religion to control people is that the antagonist (Gary Oldman ) used to gain power . If you are a Christian or religious is certainly important to watch a movie because it shows how you can use religion and the Bible for good or evil to further their own motivations . Although , in the end, the film does not show the Bible or Christianity in a bad light . I think the lesson to take into account was the best survival value given.

Jeremiah Johnson – Realisticness – A
Value Survival – Entertainment factor – B Jeremiah Johnson ( Robert Redford ) is one of the best films of survival. This film is about a man who wants to live like a hermit living on earth who wants to be left alone to do their own thing. This is the oldest film my list and also one of the best. I think it has great survival value and is quite realistic . In one scene, Jeremiah Johnson is a man who has been dead for some time with a note that says : “I, Hatchet Jack , being of sound mind and broke legs , and then leave this my bear rifle for everything he is , Lord Hope is a white man. this is a good weapon , and the bear killt killt me. anyway , I’m dead . Honestly, Hatchet Jack . ” How can you not love this movie with a scene like the one this film is excellent in portraying how to live off the land and be self – sufficient .

Castaway – Realisticness – B survival value – C Factor Entertainment – B
Cast Away, starring Tom Hanks , is a film of the survival of the family. There is some value to the survival of this film as a fire or take an abscessed tooth with an ice skate . The main character is involved in a typical commercial UPS plane stranded on an island without accident survivors . It shows how people can be resourceful when they have no traditional tools of survival.

Into the Wild – Realisticness – A survival value – entertainment factor B – B
Into the Wild is the story of the survival of the real Christopher McCandless (Emile Hirsch) , who gives his ordinary life to go to the United States and live in Alaska. It is an ultimate adventure movie that shows how Christopher lived alone in the Alaskan wilderness with only what they could carry back . This film offers a good value for survival, and he taught me something very important: Never eat wild plants, unless you know exactly what they are and if they are safe to eat .

Zombieland – Realisticness – survival value D – entertainment factor D – A –
This is really a humorous approach on survival and zombie genre . Although not really realisticness or survival value to speak of it is fun. The film stars Jesse Eisenberg , Woody Harrelson and Emma Stone survival . During the film, all come together to help survive a zombie infested world . In my opinion, one of the best all-time appearances occurs during the film. Just watch and see !

28 Days Later – Realisticness – Survival Value B – Factor Leisure C – B
28 Days Later is a film starring Cillian Murphy survival (Batman Begins) . After a virus erases almost everyone on the planet , some survivors come together to try to find a safe place to live. It was a good movie that shows what could happen if an epidemic spread quickly. This movie did not make tons of survival value , but still offers an overview about the possibility of a nation or a global epidemic.

Mad Max / Road Warrior / Beyond Thunderdome – Realisticness – survival value D – D Fun Factor – B
Mad Max, The Road Warrior , and Beyond Thunderdome are very entertaining and fun to watch movies for survival, but they are very realistic . Mel Gibson stars as Mad Max, a man who lives in a post- apocalyptic world is also trying to improve life for yourself and others. Not much of a survival value in these films , but there are cool cars with many types of weapons, which makes entertainment.

Red Dawn – Realisticness – B – Value of survival – B Entertainment factor – A +
Red Dawn is not only one of my favorite movies of survival, but also one of my favorite movies he has done some stars before the names of the house ( Patrick Swayze , Charlie Sheen , Lea Thompson and Jennifer Grey ) . Russians and Cubans participated in Colorado and people were rounded up , they think is a threat in the camps. A group of students get together and live in the forest . They themselves the ” Wolverines ” and try to reclaim the land that was once your ID card . This is a great movie that brought a survival value in the form of outdoor life , hunting and fishing. The other thing I like about this film, others have expressed , is that when I watch this movie , you feel very patriotic and proud of the wonderful people who live in the United States States.

Rescue Dawn – Realisticness – A survival value – B Entertainment factor – C
This film is the story of real survival Dieter Dengler (Christian Bale) , an American of German fighter pilot whose plane is shot down over Laos during the Vietnam War and captured. I think this film gives you an idea of how the living conditions in the prison camps were . It also shows the importance of having a strong – okay, that ‘s when you need to get out of a situation of apparent impasse . There are many scenes in the film that have survival value , especially when escape from the camp and have to live outdoors and survive in the wild .

Only through Australia – Realisticness – A survival value – B + Entertainment factor – B +
This is the documentary survival is not well known , but still provides enough high survival value . The only reason I saw it was because I went to a small independent film festival in my town. This is the story of Jon Muir and his dog took a trip through Australia and only he , his dog, and could exercise their purchases home . This is a great look for the survival and greater survival value of one of the movies that I have examined survival. Of all the films I’ve seen in my life , this film is probably the saddest because it happened in the film happened in real life scene . If you get a chance , definitely watch this documentary. The only problem is that it is hard to find and usually expensive because of their rarity .

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